The renowned Dr. Seuss mentioned that through reading, one will most certainly know a lot more. And when you know more, we go to more places. Reading has marked its place in history, a primary means of gaining more information.

Whether it be a novel, the news, or an annoying Facebook timeline post—there is no denying that reading surely does stimulate our minds. But what if we do this for the whole day? What do you think will happen? Let us find out.

First and foremost, if you have already decided on a particular book, I suggest you choose a comfy couch that encourages proper posture. Expect that you will be immersed in the book by page three (or page one, if you are lucky). As you go further you will be even more immersed that you will not be bothered to stand up or move let alone.

This is exactly why you need to make sure that you have proper seating and lighting. Now as you read, you will get to know the characters. This depends on the book but slowly their own stories will unfold before you. This will make you want to sort of rush into your reading. I do not recommend this, it’s an honest mistake I regret.

I encourage you to take your time because you might miss vital details that serve as significant parts of the whole plot (or sub-plots). As the characters introduce themselves, you will notice the general tone of the story. By page 100, you will have developed some minor stiffness along with your knees or back.

Do not, I repeat, do not make the mistake of ignoring this. Stand up, stretch for a couple of minutes, and make yourself an aromatic mug of coffee. Eat if you are feeling hungry. You will need energy for what is to come. 

As you get back to reading, you will have naturally leveled up your sense of compassion. Compassion for people, situations, and just the overall differences in each of the lives we lead. By now you will find a favorite character with whom you will relate to, on so many levels. Bask away in this experience because this will be an open door to learning more about your own personality. 

Hours have passed and you are still engrossed. But this time, you will feel a bit tired and drowsy. Do not be guilty, this is normal. Reading requires tons of energy even when you are just sitting or lying in bed. Here is another tip: do not overwork yourself. If you are super drowsy, sleep. This will allow you to regain more energy for more reading later.

If you are not really that sleepy, I suggest you do chores or perhaps take a walk outside (this one is a major recommendation). Why walk or do chores? This will give you some time to let the story and details sink in. And when they sink in, the more you get mentally stimulated and emotionally motivated. If you are lucky, you will also gain access to various epiphanies. 

Now, usually, this part’s the last straw (for the day at least). You still have the energy, so you decide on reading some more. This is either because you want time to pass or you just want to find out what’s going to happen next in the novel.

Either way, it is okay. Just make sure that you remain alert and that you actually are able to retain information. You will get frustrated, shocked, or happy—the plot finally makes more sense and the characters look more alive and real. 

It is past 10 o’clock and all energy has escaped you. Before you close your eyes, realize that you have not only taken a single step further into broadening your learning about the story per se, but you have also more so gained these benefits from reading a book: increased memory retention, more empathy, inspiration, a boost in grammatical and spelling skills, and a general feeling of fulfillment. 

Smile, close the book and make sure you get the restful sleep you deserve. Because by tomorrow, you most likely be excited to open that book again. Happy reading!