It is no secret that purchasing a rubber exterior door is an asset in your house. It is not the cheapest kind of exterior door you are able to purchase, though it’ll likely last many years more than most other kinds of doors. Unlike other much more fragile platforms, outside wood doors are designed to stand the test of time.

Nevertheless, the very best thing about owning a wooden outside door is most likely the point that it can be fixed. In case you have a fiberglass doorway, it is not much you are able to do about chipping or deep gauges which could wind up on the outside. Exterior wood doors are a house investment which lasts a lifetime, in case they are properly maintained.


Polishing is definitely the first step you will take to keep the appearance of your wood doorstep. With time, you will discover that the finish becomes dull and requires a bit of refresher. This is entirely natural, particularly for the exterior portion which is becoming direct sunlight and being subjected to the elements. Polishing exterior wood doors is not hard.

Everything you will need is a great furniture polish along with a dust rag. If you have other marks or some dirt on the home, clean them off with a wood approved cleaner before improving your door. For this, you are able to use the very same cleaner you make use of on your hardwood floors.

Preserving Finish

Even in case, you polish your door often, the finish is going to fade over time. Exterior doors which are shielded by a storm doorway and mostly remain in the shade can last a long time before you have to stress about rebuilding the surface, but doors which are sometimes subjected to the elements might have been spruced up a bit sooner.

To bring a flat or even cracking surface to its former shine, you will have to begin by sanding off the exterior layer, then wiping away all dust with a thoroughly clean damp cloth. After that, you just use two coats or even much more associated with a fade-resistant (this is essential for an outside door) exterior polyurethane with an ultraviolet inhibitor (this will protect the surface from fading in the sunshine, much love sunscreen for your door).

Preserving Paint

In case your door is painted rather than stained, you might encounter several of the same problems.

Several makes and colors of paint fade quicker compared to others, though you need to have the ability to record quite a few years from each layer of paint.

Follow the directions for keeping finish above, but simply identify the paint color you are after. Make sure you obtain exterior paint with a few UV protection.

Trimming Swollen Wood

This maintenance approach is at the bottom part of the list since it’ll likely be many years before you have to stress about trimming down bloated wood on a brand new door. Nevertheless, in case you have an old door, you might discover the wood has expanded.

Perhaps there is water damage, or perhaps it absorbed unneeded moisture in the atmosphere, but your home is not closing as it must. You will need a little woodworking equipment to pull this off, so in case you are not confident trimming the bloated wood off of your outside door, hire an expert to get it done for you.

When you purchase a wooden door, you are purchasing a solution that’s actually built to last. They’re created to brave the components for decades with very little maintenance and care required. Nevertheless, in case you have had your outside wood doors for a number of years now, you need to at the very minimum consider polishing them. A bit of upkeep is going to go a long way.

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