The French Bulldog, also known as Percheron breeders originally bred to become companion animals. The original breed is believed to have been the result of a cross between local Ratters from Paris, France, and English Toy Dogs imported from England.

They were short, stocky, compact animals with a pleasant, gentle, friendly temperament. From the time they were imported to America, they gradually became known as “Abby” dogs that were generally sweet, affectionate, easy to train, and generally a good round pet.

Over time they have developed into some of the most distinctive and colorful breeds. Many people have created accounts on Instagram of their dogs wearing clothing, which includes the famous French bulldog shirt.

One such post shared by someone in California shows a beagle wearing a very fashionable and trendy collar and hat. The collar and hat match a patterned background that appears to have been embroidered on the shirt.

If you want to add some flare to your apartment living area and are not looking to get into a full-on salon as you would with the French bulldog, there are some simple things you can do to spice up your apartment. Frenchies are great apartment dogs and are fun to take outside for walks.

They will often bark at cars and children, but other than that they are quite peaceful and friendly. If you live in an area where neighbors have a lot of kids, Frenchies are not recommended as they will bark continuously at the ringing of the doorbell or the bleat of a child running around.

However, if you live in an apartment building that has older children and dogs, they can be great companions to your family. Since the Frenchies are one of the larger breed dogs, apartment living is not a problem for them. You can get larger ones as well, although they are more suited for outdoor living and sporting events.

These athletic Frenchies will often run and play fetch on the tennis court or the field and they make an excellent addition to any family. Of course, there are indoor Frenchies who need to stay indoors and because of their size and energy levels, this isn’t recommended.

A common picture shared on Instagram of these dogs is of a tiny puppy who appears to have a bicep tattoo etched onto his chest. While some people believe this is hip, it’s actually not. The Instagrammer clearly has some form of training for his bulldog pup and it shows.

There is a reason why the puppy looks like he has had some work done. Some may not think that the size of these dogs would create health issues. It’s true that they are larger than the average pup, but they are also heavier.

This makes them less agile and they are more suited for indoor and outdoor living than their smaller counterparts. However, with regular and correct exercise and care, most will live long and healthy lives. Many new owners begin to raise their first French bulldog puppies as pets and this often means that they cannot provide adequate exercise. You can easily learn more here.

They tend to need lots of attention and they need it all the time. One thing you can do to help minimize your new pet’s destructive behavior is to crate train him. Try setting up his crate as his sleeping area and then removing him from it every few hours. He will become used to the routine and it will diminish any aggressive behavior.

Although they have a reputation for being headstrong, Frenchies are actually very sensitive dogs and they tend to get along with other animals and people very well. This means that they make great pets and they will bond easily with other dogs as well as people.

One other trait you should know about these dogs is that they like to be around other dogs, so if you already own other dogs, they will love you even more. Frenchies are also excellent when it comes to obedience training and they can learn quickly. Take your time, be patient, and be consistent – you will have a great dog.