Thriller is indeed the best genre! The suspense, the gripping storyline, the intriguing characters, the intensity, the roller coaster of emotions – it’s all packed in one! And if thriller happens to be your preffered and favorite genre, cheers my friend! And to quote the one of the most acclaimed thriller author, Lee Child, ” I’ve been a thriller reader all my life” too! So here’s a list of thriller novels which you must not skip in any case at all:

thriller novels

The Girl on the train:

You have to get this book right away – it’s will keep you on the edge of your couch till the end! The manner in which Paula Hawkins has woven this story is simply mind-blowing. Right from the beginning till the end, this book has heaps of suspense stamped on every page of it. Get a copy of this book right away! You can even give Paula Hawkins newest endeavor – ‘Into the waters’ a read; it’s equally gripping!

Dan Brown novels:

Every book of this author – whether it’s Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, Inferno or The Lost Symbol – is written to utmost perfection. Every book authored by Dan Brown has the right mix of suspense, a dose of emotions, perfect climax and a thrilling end! With historical facts in the background, you would love his writing style and also the way he weaves a lot of relevant facts and information into his stories.

thriller novels

The Crooked staircase:

The master of suspense, Dean Koontz has indeed kept up to his reputation as the best! Especially in the Jane Hawk series of thrillers, Dean Koontz is at his best. You need to read these in sequence right away. And after you’re done with the Crooked Staircase, you’ll have to wait for the next book, which is yet to be published and in which the story continues! Added suspense, must say!

The girl with the dragon tattoo:

Another work of art, penned by Stieg Larsson this story is an edge of the seat thriller. Published posthumously, this novel was well received and acclaimed by readers all around the world. No wonder, it was adapted into a movie, which was also well acclaimed across the globe.

Harlan Coben novels:

This author has an incredible penchant for creating gripping storylines – stories which keep you wondering till the end, which you cannot gauge the ending till you flip to the last page of the novel! A wonderful author, with stunning work, Harlan Coben’s family based books are something which you would be able to relate to too!