It is absolutely easy to make really good quality recordings at home with present day computer system technology. Nevertheless, you are going to need to invest a good share of cash on a software program, and hardware (such as good quality microphones and also soundcards) to be able to do this. BUT DON’T WORRY! It’s possible to produce tracks at home which are very decent in quality whilst spending just a relatively tiny amount of cash! Better still news…it’s all really simple to do!

I love to consider my house recording set up like an artist’s sketchbook. It is someplace to relax around with my ideas, record a number of vocal takes, place a simple bass line, some easy drums as well as perhaps a guitar monitor behind it. It is then that the magic truly starts. On basically all music program you are able to simply copy and paste specific parts (or maybe healthy sections) about, the same as you will do in a word processor. This causes it to be very simple to exchange verses around, try a brand new drum beat on an alternative section…anything you are able to imagine really.

Home studio program normally has a great number of instruments made in, which means you are able to bring piano, brass, strings, synth and a lot more sounds for your songs. In case you are an achieved keyboard player you are able to perform all these various areas in via a (music) computer keyboard. In case not, you are able to simply relax the paperwork in on display (and you are able to alter them really simply in case you participate in a wrong note).

Like I said, in case you would like to accomplish this all at an extremely substantial (studio quality) amount, then you will have to consider about committing some serious cash. But many hardware and software manufacturers have realized that you will find plenty of individuals as if you as well as me out there, plus have created a few genuinely good’ Entry Level’ cut down types of the studio quality kit.

What should you have to get going?

At the most elementary level, just about all, you will need for recording at rooms a mic, a sound card along with a laptop running several recording software. Let’s consider the hardware first.


You are able to work with the very same mic you will make use of for live shows for elementary home recording (the Shure SM58 is a tried and tried classic), though you will wish to consider buying a studio quality condenser mic in case you would like to capture better quality vocals.

Pop Shield

Pop shields are a cheap device which connects to the mic stand, along with stops loud blowing as well as popping noises from achieving the microphone. Singers render these noises largely when singing’ P’ and’ B’ style sounds. You are able to create simple pop shield by extending some tights over a wire coat hanger! It will not be nearly as good as an experienced one, though it is going to do the job fairly well!

Audio Cards

The majority of good cards which accompany computer systems aren’t created to be used with music programs. In case you attempt to wear them for capturing music the quality is going to be a lot lower and you’ll encounter huge delays that’ll make recording impossible. In case you would like to perform home recording then you are going to need a soundcard that’s been made for this job. There are many different types:

  • Internal Cards – In case you have a computer which possesses a spare inner card slot, then you definitely are able to obtain an affordable sound card which could be utilized for household music production. In case you understand what you’re doing you are able to accommodate them yourself, but in case you are in any doubt and then please (for your own personal safety) get someone that knows what they’re inflicting upon fit it.
  • USB or FIREWIRE – you will find some terrific sound cards which attach via USB/FIREWIRE. They normally cost you a small amount more but are actually simple to transport between computers in case you make use of several.

Another thing to think about when you’re buying a good card is regardless of whether it’ll immediately accept the signal out of your microphone. It’ll almost certainly let you know this on the package or site in which you purchase it from. In case it does not then you are going to need to link it via your mixing table.

What about the software?

On the most elementary level, the application functions by capturing every channel of music (e.g. Vocals, Guitar, Drums, etc). You are able to then modify the volumes of every one of the various tracks, the same as you will do continue to exist on a mixing desk. Each standalone channel is able to be chopped up and moved around (just like you are able to imitate as well as paste copy in a word processor). This is the reason why recording on computers more effective compared to classic style tape recordings. Finally, you are able to put effects like compression, delay, and reverb to specific tracks (or to the entire mix) then your monitor is all about completed.

Listen to the tracks of Former Atmosphere Keyboardist at Afrokeys. You will hear a variety of delays and reverbs which will help sharpen your musical ear.

After you have got the basics put in place, you simply have to get a recording, and also try items that are new. Be sure you read through the user manual to have a full advantage out of these effective pieces of software.

Good luck, and above many, enjoy your music!