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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Reading Challenge: Read Your A to Z

Umbrella Education are running a fantastic reading challenge which I am going to be running in our school library this year.

The aim of this challenge is to widen students' reading choices and help them to discover something new. (And of course have lots of fun in the process). It's great for those children who get stuck on Wimpy Kid and the like.

What's the challenge?
Students read a book for each letter of the alphabet. A is for Adventure, B is for Baddies etc.

I created the display on the right to help students get started. The book covers are pegged up so they can be changed frequently throughout the year.

Visit the Umbrella Education website for the downloads including bookmarks, review sheet and the all important A to Z categories: 

I have put my resources for the challenge into a share file on Google Drive in case they are of use to other librarians and teachers: Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3g0cuwB5d62aldTY1JreUtKMEU&usp=sharing
I'd like to adapt this for our Pre Prep children too. D is for Dystopia wouldn't work for them. But D is for Dinosaur = awesome!

I'm going to have at completing the challenge too. The children always get excited when the adults join in.

So are you running a reading challenge this year?

Any ideas for Z is for Zebra?

If you have a go, make sure you tweet your reads #readyourAtoZ

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