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Monday, 12 May 2014

Review: The Boy on the Porch

Author: Sharon Creech

Release date: 7th Nov 2013
Genre: Family story
Target audience: 8+
UK Publisher: Andersen Press

The Boy on the Porch is a beautiful story of family, love and acceptance.

This is the story of a boy who appears one day on the porch of a young couple. He’s a mystery. Where did he come from? Who does he belong to? The couple don’t know but they are kind and they take him in and care for him. The boy doesn’t speak but he laughs a silent happy laugh and he brings joy into their lives. But surely one day someone will come for the boy and then what will John and Marta do?

This story is so poignant. It takes a challenging, complicated issue – child abandonment – and makes it accessible. There is a fairytale, whimsical feel to the book and it never feels like it weighs on the reader. That is not to say that there is not sadness in this story, there is indeed sadness. But the way Creech brings the young couple’s kindness to life just makes your heart swell.

I loved how this book was short and had a real economy of style. Books don’t always need to be hefty tomes to move you or make you stop and think. The Boy on the Porch is another wonderful example of why Sharon Creech is one of today’s best writers for children. Her books are timeless, word-perfect and full of characters who make the heart sing.

Source: Copy sent by the publisher for review. Thank you.

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