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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Learnpads in the library

Our school recently invested in a set of Learnpads as a pilot project to see how we can utilise them to support teaching and learning. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Learnpads, they are android devices and are designed for use in schools. Pupils at our school are aged 3 - 13 and the devices allow us to limit the content pupils can access. I'm still getting to grips with them but this is how I've been using them so far.

App: Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
This was a paid app which I downloaded from Googleplay and then installed on each device. We used this sophisticated drawing app as part of our Kate Greenaway shadowing. We read This is Not My Hat and then using the app created a digital drawing of the Big Fish, Small Fish or Crab. This activity was suggested in the Looking Closely Guide.

App: Pic Collage
This was a free app in the Learnpad Store. Again we were using this as part of our Kate Greenaway shadowing. This time we were looking at Where My Wellies Take Me. We used the Pic Collage app to go outside and take photos of the natural world and living things in our local area. We also tried to link our photography to a "nature" poem as it is in the book.

App: RM Books
This was a free app through the Googleplay store. This term I signed our school library up to RM Books ereading platform. So we used the app to introduce pupils to the system and guide them on borrowing ebooks.

App: iMLS
This is a free app through the Googleplay store. It is the app which links to our library catalogue so pupils can search our catalogue, check what they have on loan and reserve books.

This is just the start of our journey into using Learnpads in the Library but I'm interested to hear how other librarians and teachers are using Learnpads successfully.


Lisa Hendry said...

We love to hear how LearnPads are being used and those are some fantastic uses. Just to let you know some of the apps you mentioned you downloaded via Google Play are now available for direct download via the LearnPad Store:

Sketchbook, we have the express version but I can put in a request for the pro version as well

IMLS http://learnpad.co/store/activity.cfm?id=104191

RM Books came to my attention recently and I have asked our Content Manager to look into it. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Lisa at LearnPad
Twitter @Lisa_LearnPad

Becky Scott said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your comment.I'm interested to know if you know of any other school librarians using Learnpads?

The RM eBook platform is really great for staff and pupils. There are lots of books for CPD as well as for students' reading for pleasure. The app is simple to use but pupils must log in to see their "my books" which they've borrowed from the school library. I've noticed it doesn't want to sign them out properly when they've finished using it so that needs a bit of looking into. It's fine if they are own their own devices but if they are sharing Learnpads at school it could get complicated.

Hope that helps.


P.S. I'm trying to accept your twitter follower request but Twitter is being a bit temperamental.

Ingrid Hopson said...

I was interested to hear you are using learnpads. I bought one after BETT this year and am still waiting for IT to set it up for me! I was keen to buy some for the library but now am just waiting and waiting for them to link it to the network etc
V frustrating

Becky Scott said...

Hi Ingrid,
Do you need IT support to set it up? They come with a helpful teacher guide.

What types of activities had you thought of using it for?


Lisa Hendry said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for the feedback, always good to find out how schools get on with various resources in reality. I can't think of a school I've been dealing with lately that have been using it specifically for library use but will ask around.
Have you used Qr Keys much yet? I've been working with another school to support them with making interactive displays using QrKeys that take you to a video or audio file of the children talking about their work. So if you imagine the Qrkey is added next to the children's work and/or a photo of the child and when the code is scanned it plays a video/audio of them talking about their work. The same principle could be used for book review. Imagine a display board filled with photos of children holding their favourite book. When the QrKey next to the photo is scanned then the photo 'comes alive' with the child talking. I have written a draft version of instructions, if you are interested I can email a copy over to you?


Becky Scott said...

Hi Lisa,

I haven't used QRcodes much but I was planning to in September for a sort of orientation activity.

I love your book video review idea. Please do email me the instructions: thebookette @ googlemail.com

Thank you for all your help with this.