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Monday, 28 April 2014

Review: The Magician's Apprentice

Author: Trudi Canavan

Release date: Paperback April 2010
Genre: High Fantasy
Target audience: Adult
Publisher: Orbit

The Magician’s Apprentice is a prequel novel set years before the events of The Black Magician Series. If you haven’t read that series, why on earth not? Go read it now! It’s the best.

Tessia is the daughter of the village healer. She wants to be a healer like her father but it is not the norm for women to have such occupations. Her mother wants her to marry and it is long overdue. When a Sachakan visitor overstays his welcome at the manor of Lord Dakon, Tessia is discovered to be a normal. She has latent magic and if it is not soon under control she will surely perish. Lord Dakon is a Kyralian magician who takes Tessia as his apprentice. She is a keen student and still retains her desire to be a healer. She works at using magic to heal -  something no magician has done before. But it is not easy and she may never discover the secret to success.

Also apprenticed to Lord Dakon is Jayan - a young man of noble magician blood. He resents Tessia’s presence at the manor as he feels she is delaying his progression. But when the realm of Kyralia is invaded by Sachakan magicians, Jayan will learn how important Tessia is to him and to the future of the realm.
This book as with the others in the Black Magician series are told from a third person roving viewpoint. We follow a vast cast of characters which we care about but it is always clear that the main character is Tessia.

I loved this book. Actually I love all of Trudi Canavan’s books. They are so wholly satisfying and really are fantasy at its best. There is always a little romance and I love that! There is always an abundance of magic and I love that too! This book is the story of how the Traitors came to be, of how the wasteland was created and even the origin of the Magicians’ Guild. For fans of Trudi Canavan and fantasy novels, it is undoubtedly a must read! I am quite the fan.

Source: Bought from a second hand bookshop

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