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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review: Eliza Boom: The Explosive Diary

Author: Emily Gale

Genre: Diary/ School story / Science-theme
Release date: August 2013
Publisher: Mom Books
Target audience: 5+ (read with an adult or newly independent readers)

Eliza Boom is a funny, inventive story which is ideal for newly independent readers. It’s a school story, it’s a spy story and it’s a tale of friendship.

Eliza Boom is an inventor. She’s up to her 92nd invention but not a single one has worked yet. Her dad – a gadget inventor for spies – promises that it is always the one hundredth invention that’s a success. So she keeps trying. But being an inventor is not enough for Eliza. She wants to be a spy too. She gets help from her loyal dog Einstein. When she inadvertently gives away one of her dad’s top secret inventions, she has to pull out all the explosive stops to get it back.

This book has a wonderfully chipper and upbeat tone. The characterisation is lively and Eliza shares her adventures through her diary writing. She’s an easy to like character. Her nemesis is easy to dislike. It also has the perfect chapter length and fast pace.

The nifty plotting and really well thought through gadgets make this story a rewarding read. As an adult reading this book, I was admiring the author’s clever tying together of the different inventions and events in the story.

I loved that this is a girl inventor. What a great book for inspiring girls into thinking about science and engineering! A perfect read for this week!

As well as being a story of one girl’s ambition to be an inventor, this is also a story of friendship. The author touches lightly upon bullying and how to recognise a good friend when you see one.

Eliza Boom: The Explosive Diary is full of booky goodness: A great story. A character with a booming, charming voice. A plot that fits tightly together jigsaw style. Amusing illustrations. And above all, it really leaves you feeling like it was a book worth reading. Highly recommended for newly independent readers and adults who are big kids at heart.

Source: Review copy sent by the publisher. Thank you.


Jesse Owen said...

Oh! I'm so a big kid at heart - this sounds adorably brilliant!

Similogic Reviews said...

This book is actually so funny. It definitely brought out the kid in me a little. It's a great book for girls.