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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Review: Crash Into You

Author: Katie McGarry

Genre: Contemporary Teen Romance
Target audience: YA
Publisher: Mira Ink
Series: Pushing the Limits #3

Crash Into You is the third book Katie McGarry’s Pushing the Limits series. Again, you could read this as a standalone novel, the story follows the events of the second book but as with the previous titles this story is told from two more characters’ viewpoints. This time we get to know Isaiah and Rachel. Their love story is told in alternating chapters and is full of emotion and high-octane action.

Isaiah is still reeling over Beth’s rejection at the beginning of this book but he has other challenges too. He and Noah are struggling to pay the rent on their appalling apartment and Isaiah is still not old enough to be living independently. He’s determined not to return to foster care, especially as it would mean crashing with Beth’s aunt. He refuses to face that level of humiliation. But he has another problem too. His mum has returned and she wants to see him. But he’s not ready for that and maybe he never will be.

Rachel is a new to us character. She’s the single girl in a family full of big brothers. She’s the weak link or at least that’s how everyone sees her. She’s living lie, pretending to be something she’s not. Her whole family want her to fulfil the role of Colleen who died of leukaemia. Rachel wants to please everybody but her own secret is slowly eating her from inside out. She has violent panic attacks and no one knows. Her salvation is her car which she drives to escape. The night she rebels and finds herself drag racing changes everything for her and for Isaiah. There’s a price on Rachel’s head and somehow they have to pay it.

This was a super read. In some ways it is less steamy than the other books in the series. It’s intense but that’s more through the nature of drag racing and driving at speed than it is the romance. Isaiah shows a gentle, soft side and Rachel has an innocent nature.

I really enjoyed getting to know some of the other characters in this book: Abby and Logan. I liked the way friendship developed between Rachel and Abby. I’m hoping Abby will get a book of her own. Her back story has the potential to be so interesting.

Overall, this was another fantastic contemporary romance from Katie McGarry. It had an explosive plot and a sweet romance. And of course it had all the emotion you come to expect from this series. After all, it’s not easy facing up to our parents’ flaws but its all part of growing up.

Source: Bought and read on my Kobo

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