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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Review: Sewing Machine Basics

Author: Jane Bolsover

ISBN: 9781907030734
Publisher: Cico Books
Price: 14.99

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that since the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee I have taken up sewing. As the second series is airing now, it must mean I’ve been sewing for a year! Wow. I thought it was time I started reviewing some of the books that I’ve used from a beginner’s point of view. So this is the first and definitely the most helpful book that I’ve bought: Sewing Machine Basics.

Sewing Machine Basics is an introductory course in sewing. It takes you through step by step the different skills you need to complete a variety of projects. It’s great because it builds your confidence with every make.

The first project is simple: a nice easy envelope cushion. The first time I made one it took me most of a day. I was learning to thread the machine, wind the bobbin and experiment with different types of stitch, length etc. By the end, you’ve got a cushion which can be used anywhere at home. This week I made another one and it took just over an hour. It makes me realise how far my sewing skills have come.

The second project I made was the apron. I needed one and so jumped ahead. Here, I learnt to make my own bias binding. This was a tricky bit for me. My brain doesn’t work in a particularly visual way so even with all the visuals in the book, I had to go on Youtube to look up a tutorial to help guide me. Between the book and the video, I conquered bias binding and patch pockets!

My third make was the lined tote bag. This is a really rewarding project. It was certainly more complicated but the instructions were clear and I found them easy to follow. I love this bag I made and whenever I take it out and about, I have a sense of pride that its mine. This project teaches how to sew button holes and top stitch a design on to your project.

Now my skills are more developed I’m using a variety of different books to select projects to sew but I’m always referring back to this. It’s like a sewing bible. All the skills you might need are here and all the terms are explained to it’s a worthy investment for a beginner. I highly recommend it.

Source: Purchased from Hobbycraft

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