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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Review: A Line Straight to My Heart

Author: Bill Condon

Release date: 1st May 2012
Genre: Contemporary / coming-of-age
Target audience: YA
UK Publisher: Allen & Unwin


A Line Straight to My Heart is a contemporary coming of age story set in a small Aussie town. It’s a story of friendship, first love and loss.

Tiff is just so ordinary. She doesn’t stand out and she’s never been kissed. She’s a bookworm. Her head full of Heathcliff and other literary wonders. As she reads Wuthering Heights, tucked up in the super hot Gungee Creek Library, she is approached by a bigfoot of a boy. Suddenly, there’s hope in her heart that maybe she could find love. But of course, this is a story which is about the heartache of growing into yourself. The journey’s not an easy one.

I think this is a real rites of passage novel. It’s about the life, death, birth, marriage. But more importantly, it’s about growing up, searching for your identity, finding love and experiencing your first kiss. This is not your page-turner thriller type of book. It’s a gentle read and I loved that about it. It’s subtle and in some ways it has a feeling of innocence in its writing.

Tiff’s story is about her following her dreams. She starts her job at the Eagle paper and it doesn’t quite meet her expectations. I loved how this is a true reflection of real life. Dreams are rarely what we dream them to be. Reality is so much more struggle and perseverance. But the book isn’t depressing. It really is about working to make things work - friendships, families, work, love.

A Line Straight to My Heart is an easy, sweet read. The voice of Tiff captured me from the very first page. It pulled me into her life and her hideout in the Gungee Creek Library. The characters’ emotions felt real in this book which made it effortless to read and wonderfully rewarding. I’m really glad I picked it up. 

Recommended for fans of:
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Source: Borrowed from the school library

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Justin Elvins said...

This book sounds terrific. Thanks so much for your beautiful review. Underrated Books