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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Review: Spy Society

Author: Robin Benway

Release date: UK Paperback 18th July
Genre: Spy novel
Target audience: 11+
UK Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781471116742


Spy Society is a super fun read. It’s a story of teenage espionage and the trials and tribulations of being a teenager.

Maggie is an ace safe-cracker. Her parents are spies – her mum is a computer hacker, her dad is a statistician. They all work for a secret organisation called the Collective. They use illegal methods to redress wrong-doing by ruthless criminals. Maggie has spent her life moving from country to country to and never being noticed. Blending in with the crowd and only having imaginary friends is all she’s ever known.
But now she is assigned her first solo mission. She is to infiltrate a New York private school and make friends with the son of a powerful magazine owner. Going undercover is a lot more complicated than Maggie ever expected. The boy is so cute. Her fake friend is really in need of a real friend. And navigating the social landscape is nothing like cracking a safe.

Maggie finds herself being pulled in two directions. She actually enjoys being a normal teenager who gets to kiss a cute boy. But the threat to the Collective and her family means she must complete her mission.
It makes for full on fun, feisty reading. Maggie is a great main character – she’s a cheeky, kind kooky and her voice has just the right amount of teen. Her fake best friend is outrageous in a good way which adds brilliant humour to the book.

This would make such a great movie. It’s that kind of book. Sort of like The Princess Diaries – it really reminded me of that but minus the princesses and add the spies. It’s the same dilemma really – deciding if you are ready to enter the family business and the huge responsibility that comes with it.

Charming, adorably cheeky and full of action – this is a feel good read. Spy Society is joyous entertainment.

Recommended for fans of:

1 comment:

Bookworm1858 said...

Love the comparison to The Princess Diaries except with the spy life as a focus. I especially enjoyed the fun writing!