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Monday, 15 July 2013

Introducing Maggie Silver: Spy Society Blog Tour

Today is the launch of the Spy Society Blog Tour! This is such a super fun, enjoyable read. So I'm thrilled to have the charming Robin Benway here at The Bookette to introduce Maggie Silver.

Welcome Robin!

Hello hello! Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog today!

Photo Credit: Lovato Images
I first got the idea for Maggie Silver back when I locked myself out of my apartment building's storage unit. (Uh, oops.) I couldn't remember the combination for the lock, so I went on Google and learned how to crack it. Twenty minutes later, I managed to break into my own storage unit, which made me realize two things: 1) never use combination locks again!, and 2) it would be really fun to write about a secret spy society and its best safecracker.

Maggie is sixteen. She's traveled all over the world with her mom, an excellent computer hacker, and dad, a gifted linguist. (He can say "You're grounded!" in twelve different languages.) Maggie's special skill is breaking into safes and cracking locks, and she knows she's one of the best in the business. Too bad no one can know what she does, though. She and her parents work for an organization called the Collective, a super-secret underground group that robs from the rich and gives to the poor. As Maggie puts it, "we do the wrong things for the right reasons."

But when Maggie is given her first major assignment, things get a little less perfect. She's assigned to befriend the son of a wealthy NYC magazine publisher because the magazine is about to run a series of articles exposing the Collective. If Maggie can get to know the son (an obnoxiously-named Jesse Oliver), she can gain access to the magazine's files and steal them before the story goes to press.

There's just one problem: Maggie has never been to high school before. She's seen it on TV, though. How difficult could it be?

Answer: Very, very difficult.

She hasn't planned on homework, first of all. Or making her first best friend, a firecracker of a human being named Roux that's recently been ousted from her mean girl perch at school. Maggie also hadn't planned on Jesse Oliver being cute. And nice. and funny. And, it turns out, not obnoxious at all. In fact, she thinks she kind of likes him. 

Uh oh.

With the help of her friend Angelo, an older British gentleman who guides Maggie through the finer points of safecracking and spying, Maggie learns that people aren't safes, that sometimes they can't be cracked. But with her family's safety at risk, she has to make a choice: confess to her new friends who she really is and risk losing Jesse's trust, or continue to live underground and risk losing him forever.

Thank you Robin! As a School Librarian, I see everyday just how difficult high school can be. But you can't beat the friendships. Shame they don't teach "Getting one over on the Bad Guys 101" though.

Spy Society is out in the UK on 18th July. 

You can follow Robin on Twitter @robinbenway - she loves to tweet pictures of her dog!

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