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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Review: Forget You

Author: Jennifer Echols

Release date: UK Paperback 11th April 2013
Genre: Contemporary YA Romance
Target audience: 13+
UK Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 978147718036


Forget You is a contemporary teen romance set in Florida. It’s a story of what’s said and what’s left unsaid, what you can remember and what you can’t. It’s also about overcoming family difficulties – parental divorce, mental illness and emotional abuse. But above all it is a love story.

Zoey has enjoyed the summer working at her father’s water park with the rest of the swim team. She got them all jobs except for Doug – who went to juvie and who hates her. She spent the summer listening to Brandon’s sexual exploitation of women. She never thought of him as anything but a friend. Things change the night she comes home to find her mum has attempted suicide. In a state of emotional turmoil, she goes to a beach party and gets it on with Brandon. A week later after another party, she has a car accident at 2.30 in the morning, she rescued from the wreck by Doug. But what happened between leaving the party and the accident is a mystery – she hit her head in the crash and she just can’t get her head around why Doug is acting so differently towards her.

At the very beginning I thought this book was not going to be for me. Zoey had some really unconvincing metaphors to describe her situation and it didn’t have an authenticity to it. But this was mainly in the first chapter, I kept reading and I did really get into the story. I wanted to know exactly what happened on the night of the car accident. I wanted Zoey to realise that actions speak louder than words and that Brandon was not boyfriend material.

However, there were also some flaws to the characterisation. I didn’t really get that Zoey was a control freak who put on a polished exterior. She was trying to put her best foot forward and give a sense that everything was normal in her life. As the reader, Zoey tells us that she spent ages choosing her outfits. But that was kind of where the polished behaviour seemed to end. The characterisation needed more work. Then there is the use of twins in the novel. I’m not really sure why one character with a more rounded, deeper personality would not have sufficed.

I was also completely confused by the reason given for Doug going to juvie. It just didn’t seem logical to me that this is something courts would have given someone a custodial sentence for (however short). Literacy licence perhaps.

So yes, this is book felt slightly hurried and not quite tied together enough. But, I did really enjoy it. I couldn’t wait to finish it. I was hooked in to the relationship between Zoey and Doug. That’s what made the book come to life. I was so into it that I went out and bought Endless Summer. A recommendation from Jenny @ Wondrous Reads who has read many books by Jennifer Echols and assures me is her best. I’ve already read Going Too Far and I really enjoyed that – another book where the lead characters have great chemistry.

Forget You is perfect for a beach read. You’ll race through it. If you love a good hopelessly romantic story, then give this book a go.

Wondering if you might prefer Going Too Far? Then you can read my review of that book at THIS LINK.

It’s now out in the UK too in both Paperback and eBook formats.


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I love the relationships that Jennifer Echols writes, but I agree that this isn;t her best. I'm more of a Going Too Far and Such a Rush fan!

Bookworm1858 said...

I didn't really like this book-I prefer Echols' romantic comedies like The Boys Next Door.

Becky Scott said...

Sophie, I'm definitely going to give Such a Rush a try. Even if the storylines are questionable, the romance is great.

Bookworm, I've read The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer now and they are definitely of a higher quality.

prophecygirl said...

This is another Echols book I thought was only ok. The characters were all off and it just didn't hit the mark. Such a Rush is SO much better and definitely back up to standard.

Becky Scott said...

Thanks Jenny, I'll definitely buy a copy of Such A Rush then.