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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Come and join me on PopCircle!

I'm a PopCircle Book Expert. You should all come and join me.

What is PopCircle?

A platform for sharing the things you love with people you trust. Rather than a website that generates recommendations based on some computer generated code, this is all about finding people who share your love of books, movies, music and TV and then using their recommendations to find more things to love. You know you all have a book twin that you've found through blogging, well this is about finding more and more like-minded readers, movie goers etc.

You can add trusted people to your circle and then keep up to date with their latest recommendations.

You can create collections of books. I'm adding everything from the best Reading for Writers to Great Picture Books to Read Aloud

We're still in BETA but I haven't noticed any glitchy happenings.

So come and join me. Click on this very important link

1 comment:

Johnny Ray said...

pop looks good, I will see if I have more time to make it worth while.