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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Review: Insatiable

Author: Meg Cabot

Genre: Paranormal
Release date: UK Paperback 21st June 2012
Target audience: Adult
UK Publisher: Harper Voyager
ISBN: 978-0007462124


Insatiable is a comic paranormal romance with a satiric twist.

Meena Harper has a sixth sense. She can tell when you’re going to die just by looking at you. Maybe that’s why she has a knack for writing dialogue for a soap-opera. She sees too much melodrama. At beginning of the story Meena is desperate to find out if she got the promotion she’s been after. But when it is given to a lazy, good-for-nothing co-worker, things start to go downhill fast. Suddenly, there’s a new storyline for the show – and it’s all about vampires. Meena thinks the whole thing is a crock. She doesn’t even believe in vampires.

Meanwhile Lucien Antonescu has to leave his job as a university professor in Bucharest and travel to New York because three bodies have turned up drained of blood. A vampire is on the loose and it threatens everything Lucien has worked so hard to control.

This is a comical novel. It’s full of humour about vampires and people who go crazy over them. So I guess this novel is partly a social commentary. For the first half I found it really funny and engaging. I didn’t mind the tongue-in-cheekiness. But as the book went on, I was bored. Lucien just bored me. And Meena’s reaction to him bored me. I finished the book but I didn’t really care what the ending would be. I’m surprised because I’ve enjoyed the other Meg Cabot novels that I’ve read. I think this book was too long. Some of Lucien’s dialogue went on too long. I just don’t think I got him. I’m not sure if that is the point of the book.

I’m left feeling confused and uninspired to read any more of this series. Insatiable was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I’ll stick to Meg Cabot’s realism novels in future.


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

It's such a shame you didn't get on with that well - Meg Cabot usually delivers effortlessly!

Bookworm1858 said...

I had a similar reaction to you-it started off promisingly and then I had to force myself to finish it despite my general enjoyment of Cabot novels. I think I prefer her realistic (and YA) novels to her paranormal stuff.