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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Review: Easy

Author: Tammara Webber

Release date: UK Paperback 3rd Jan 2013 (first published as an ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Target audience: New Adult, 16+
UK Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 978-0141347448


Easy is a contemporary romance but it’s also part thriller. It’s the story of Jacqueline – a college girl who has recently been dumped and after leaving a party is sexually assaulted. Easy is one of those New Adult titles that are getting a lot of attention at the moment. You could say it’s a new genre all of its own written for those teens who grew up with YA novels and are looking for something as equally as gripping but with a bit more “mature” content. I downloaded this on my e-reader after I read that it had been bought by Penguin. And I’m not the only one – Jenny at Wondrous Reads did too. But I’d fallen out of love with my e-reader. It kept crashing and paperbacks are so much more reliable. Anyway after I read Jenny’s review, I decided I would give my e-reader another chance because she made it sound so compelling. And of course, she was right. I read this book so quickly.

Jacqueline is in emotional turmoil after being dumped by her ex-boyfriend Kennedy. She is no longer his “Jackie” and she’s trying to figure out why. Instead of enrolling at a music school and following her talent, she followed him to university and now she’s wondering why. Why did he dump her? Why didn’t she see he was cooling things with her? There are lots of whys.

At the beginning of the story, Jacqueline leaves a party alone. She went with her best friend Erin but not feeling in the party mood she decides to duck out. Just as she’s getting in her truck, she’s attacked by a guy she knows. He’s drunk and refuses to take no for an answer. Powerless to stop him, Jacqueline is saved by a mysterious stranger. As the story progresses, Jacqueline must come to terms with the attack and also open her heart to her saviour – an economics student – Lucas.

There were so many things that made this a great fast paced read: the tension of the attack and the fear that the perpetrator may strike again. Jacqueline’s attacker begins to stalk her and the author did an outstanding job of characterising him as the villain – not a pervert but as someone who uses his physical strength as a way to gain power. He wanted to control Jacqueline. It was very convincing. The blossoming relationship between Jacqueline and Lucas was sweet, romantic and enthralling. The barriers that are in their way were surprising and I liked how the author avoided cliché. I also really enjoyed the self-defence lessons. Having been to self-defence classes in my 20s, I could really picture it and I can promise that much of what Jacqueline learnt is what they teach you. For example, never carry a weapon that can be turned against you.

My only criticism is that some of the dialogue between Jacqueline and Erin was a bit stilted. I could see that the author was taking a great effort to say exactly the right things about sexual assaults and it read a bit too unnaturally. It didn’t quite flow as real speech does. But of course, it had to be there.

Nothing can detract from the fact that this is a page-turner. It’s both brutal and tender. I found Easy to be a really empowering, emotional read. Thanks to Jenny for the recommendation.

Recommended for fans of:
(But remember the content in Easy is sexually explicit)

Source: Bought and read on my Kobo


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I've heard such mixed things about this, but I really want to give it a go. I'd be interested to see how the assault is dealt with in this. Great review, Becky!

Christina / Book Addict said...

I really enjoyed this book too! I'm glad you liked it. I thought it was a page turner as well and am loving the "new adult" genre. Great review, Becky!

Jesse Owen said...

Fab review, I really loved this too and I'm now on the lookout for more books like it :)