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Monday, 25 February 2013

Reading Group Questions: Pegasus

So this time around I chose a fantasy novel for my students to read. It was such a contrast to the style of writing for the thriller we read. Anyway these were our discussion questions in case they are of use to other school or public librarians.

Discussion Questions: Pegasus by Robin McKinley

  • How does the author reinvent the Pegasus myth?
  • What characteristics define Sylvii? In what ways is she similar or different from Ebon?
  • Is it just the communication barrier that prevents the Pegasi and the humans from being friends?
  • What is the difference between an ally and a friend?
  • When Sylvii asks her father if she may train to use a sword he agrees but says she must also get her older brother’s permission. She thinks Danacor will refuse.
The king sighed. “He may. In which case refer him to me, and you will be a lesson for him in allowing his people to make their own decision, for they will work harder doing what they feel they themselves have chosen to do."

  • Do you agree? Can you think of an example which applies to your experience at school?
  • Magic exists in both the human and the Pegasi world – one has magicians, the other shamans. But              what is special about that magic? Did you have a clear understanding of the rules of that magic and the power it gives to the wielder?
  • What expectations did you have of the novel from the cover and the blurb? In what ways did the novel meet or challenge those expectations?

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