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Monday, 11 February 2013

Reading Group Questions: At Yellow Lake

I put these questions together for my student book group at school. I thought they might be useful for other school/ public librarians. If you're thinking about using At Yellow Lake for a reading group, I would suggest it would be most suited to Year 9 and above. There are some more mature themes explored in the novel - sexual abuse, murder, vulnerability, innocence. There was also considerable swearing and I did find the book unsettling.

Discussion Questions: At Yellow Lake by Jane McLoughlin 
  1. Which character’s viewpoint was the most convincing: Etta, Jonah, Peter? Did the “British” voice of Peter feel authentic? Did the author succeed in creating different tone of male and female teen narratives?
  2. How do you feel about the swearing? Was it too much? Was it necessary for a book that explores being in a violence community?
  3. What themes did you identify running through the novel?
  4. Peter, Etta and Jonah all focus on their relationships with their mother’s. Why might this be significant?
  5. Did the Lake hold a beauty for you at any point in the story? Did your feelings towards the lake change?
  6. Is it a part of the human condition to want to know where we came from? Are we shaped by our heritage if we are not raised in the culture? Is there a part of your heritage you would like to explore?
  7. What did you think of the ending? Is there anything you would change?


Jane McLoughlin said...

Thanks for featuring these very insightful questions on "At Yellow Lake" in your blog. I hope your group enjoy my book.

Becky said...

Hi Jane, the students did enjoy At Yellow Lake. They were especially fond of Etta.