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Monday, 14 January 2013

Review: Eternally Yours

Author: Cate Tiernan

Release date: Hardback 17th January 2013
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Target audience: YA / Adult Crossover
UK Publisher: Hodder
ISBN: 978-4-444-70703-8


Eternally Yours is the third and final novel in the Immortal Beloved series. You can read a review of Book 1 here and the Book 2 Darkness Falls here. If you haven’t read the earlier books, don’t read this review. I don’t go into as much detail of plot and themes. Go and read the review of Book 1 instead. It really is a brilliant, captivating series.

The end of Darkness Falls was full of death and drama and Eternally Yours picks up the story two months on. Nastasya is back at River’s End and trying to put the darkness behind her but there are questions which remain unanswered. Who is the master? What does he want with her? But of course the most important question is can Nastasya learn from her mistakes? Can she change?

As the story unfolds, immortals are brutally murdered and Nastasya with her vast untrained powers are considered a threat to the safety of the immortals in rehab at River’s Edge. River trusts in Nastasya but she finds it hard to believe in herself. There is a traitor among the group. Will they discover the identity in time?

I was hooked from the very first page and as I have come to expect with this series, enthralled by Nastasya and her battle to conquer her 450 year old weaknesses. It is her direct, sarcastic and insightful narrative that makes these books so readable and addictive. I love that this is a study in character and what it takes to achieve positive, kind things in life. I also adore the love story element. Reyn, Butcher of the North, gorgeous farm-esque guy is one of the many emotional challenges which Nastasya must face. In this book we get to see him riding horses and wielding a sword. Could it be any more romantic? Nastasya would tell you to get a grip. It isn’t soppy. It’s risky and difficult. (As every good love story should be.)

If this was a plot driven book, I would have one complaint. The villain felt a little bit like it came in at the very end. He was tied to Nastasya and her first life and there were hints woven through the story but I sort of felt like it wasn’t quite “solid enough” for a plot driven book. But luckily this really isn’t, it’s all about character and in that sense the ending was entirely perfect and satisfying.

I am so sad that this series has come to an end. I’ve come to associate this series with cold winter nights and a little bit of salvation. I’m going to miss it hugely but I can’t wait to see what Cate Tiernan writes next.

Source: Review copy sent from the publisher. Thank you.

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1 comment:

Jesse Owen said...

Great review - Love this series and sad that it's coming to and end!

I think I might have to read this next :)