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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Reading Resources

Follow these links to other reading related websites

The Reading Agency - A UK charity which runs creative programmes which help people feel inspired to read

The Reading Zone - A UK website which offers support for schools, public librarians, children - lots of great competitions, extracts etc

Book Trust - An independent UK reading and writing charity - I love their Everybody Writes resources

Love Reading 4 Kids - The ultimate UK online bookshop - I love this site. It gives great lists of children's fiction but it also lets you download sample extracts if you sign up. I use it all the time at work.

World Book Day - This website is great for resources for celebrating in March

Goodreads - Catalogue your books and connect with like-minded readers
Reading is Fundamental.org (Thank you to Eve for this suggestion - an organisation working to create a literate America)

Story Links on FreeBookNotes.com - (Thank you to Eve again for this suggestion - there are some really useful links on here including to online audio books).

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