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Monday, 10 December 2012

Review: Every Other Day

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Release date: 2nd February 2012
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Target audience: YA
UK Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 978-0-85738-970-1


Every Other Day is a paranormal thriller mixed with high school drama and a cool sci-fi twist.

The premise of this novel really got under my skin: A girl who is human one day and something more, something dangerous the next has only a day to save a girl at school and it’s not the other day. It’s clever and exciting.

Kali D’Angelo has been at her new school for three weeks. The plan was to hide in the background and be invisible. She’s spent her whole life putting up emotional barriers and keeping people at a safe distance. But when a girl notices Kali and offers her friendship, everything changes.

This day is her human day and on these days she’s like any other girl. You’d never know she craves the hunt of the preternatural beasts that stalk the world. In this novel Darwin discovered more than natural selection on the Galapagos Islands, he found hellhounds and many other paranormal creatures. When the school’s resident mean girl gets infected by a preternatural beast which marks her for dead, Kali can’t help but try everything in her power to save the day.

I loved the tone of this book and the style that it was written in. It was funny but also full of drama and emotion. The characters were quirky and each had their own personality which leapt off the page. I also thought that the author did well to play with my expectations. There was one point where I thought Kali was going to fall for the school’s cute guy and then, she didn’t. It was such a refreshing change. The plot was full of unexpected turns and great action sequences. I loved that it was more thriller, action story than a romance type book. I sort of want to say that it’s a Percy Jackson for teen girls minus the Greek Gods and with a bit of sci-fi thrown in.

There was really only one thing that I didn’t like about this book and it was the exposition towards the end. One character (who for fear of spoiling the story, I won’t name) had a big long paragraph explaining a bit more about the origins of the preternatural species and then at the end of it, basically said: but you’re too stupid to understand. Now the character was referring to Kali and not to the reader but it irritated me. I felt fobbed off. I’m sure the author had a clear idea of the issue so why not share it with the reader. It was more frustrating for it to be mentioned and then not explained, than not mentioned at all.

Overall, a pace-y read with lots of kookiness and high-octane action. It left me with a tear in my eye. Every Other Day is a great read for anyone who loves the paranormal genre but is stick of the same old love story stuff. It has bite to it!

Recommended for fans of:

Source: Review copy sent by the publisher. Thank you.


Kelsey said...

I've heard so many amazing things about Jennifer's books, but still haven't picked one up! I really like the sound of EVERY OTHER DAY, thank you for bringing it to my attention! Great review :)

Bookworm1858 said...

I really liked this book, especially the general lack of romance and the focus on some great female characters. Great review!

Jesse Owen said...

Ooh! This sounds quite different for a paranormal and right up my street - great review :)