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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Films I've been watching

What with the end of term and then being under the weather, I've not been reading much for the last month. I've been watching films instead. I figured I'd tell you about them.

Did not finish:
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - It was too slow, too complicated. It was grey and dull and so not my thing.

I'm sure there was another movie but as I can't even remember the title. It must have been appalling. 

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol - Mission Impossible 3 is so tense and exciting. This had a good beginning but it lost it after that. It felt more like Tom Cruise wanting to do another Tom Cruise movie. (And I love most of his movies but he can do better. Way better)

Blue Romantic - Ryan Gosling movie number 1. Depressing film. I must have blinked and missed the romance.

Iron Man - I hadn't seen it and so after watching The Avengers Assemble, I really though I should. It was nowhere near as good. Shame. It was okay. It was just not brilliant.

The good:
Larry Crowne - Who doesn't love Tom Hanks? I know I do. This was kind of daft but it was also refreshing in the way it looked at unemployment.

The Vow - Channing Tatum. Lovely story. Moving. I really enjoyed it.

The Notebook - The movie everyone couldn't believe I hadn't seen. Ryan Gosling movie number 2. It was funny and sad at the same time. Honestly though, I preferred The Vow. Sorry Gosling lovers. 

Friday Night Lights - the movie. Thank goodness it didn't spoil the end of the first series. I love Matt Saracen and Coach Taylor. The movie was different but still good.

The great:
The Great Debaters - Loved this movie about challenging social inequalities. 

J. Egdar - I love Leonardo Dicaprio. I think he's an excellent actor and this was a brilliant performance not to mention an interesting story. I never knew the Head of the FBI had a hand in the organisation of the Library of Congress. Fascinating!

The Ides of March - Ryan Gosling movie number 3 (Do you know I didn't know who he was until last weekend?) I think if you like the Newsroom, you'll love this film.

Sugar - part subtitled, part sport story - wholly brilliant. Makes you feel the otherness of being lost in a different culture.

Moneyball - Brad Pitt and Baseball. Winning combination. Sport is not really my thing but after reading and loving The Art of Fielding. I cannot get enough of baseball movies.

Amazing Grace - William Wilberforce fighting to end slavery. This is a movie I've been meaning to see for ages. It did not disappoint. 

When I look at this list, I think I am much more broad in my movie choices than I am in my reading choices. What great movies have you been watching lately?


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Yay, you've finally seen The Notebook! If The Vow is better than TN then I have to see it.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I LOVED Amazing Grace and The Vow too :)