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Friday, 29 June 2012

Book Launch: Shrinking Violet

On Tuesday evening I attended the most wonderful event: a book launch at Daunt Books in Hampstead Heath.

The Book: Shrinking Violet
The Author: Lou Kuenzler

It was a fantastic event, brilliantly organised by Daunt and Scholastic and full of excitable bookish people (like me) and keen young readers.

I enjoyed the cutest tiniest purple cupcakes and some orange canapes. I mingled with fellow book lovers and found myself with my librarian hat on recommending books for an eleven year old boy with eclectic tastes. I love talking about books, I can't stop myself.

Lou was introduced to the audience by her lovely editor at Scholastic - Alice. And then she read us two extracts from Shrinking Violet. We were a very giggly audience. Lou's writing is full of humour and she reads like a true performer. Having had her visit my school for an author visit, I can promise you she is the perfect person to excite Years 2 and 3 about reading and rhyming and shrinking to the size of a fish finger.

After the reading we bought books and lined up to have them signed. I stayed to the very end and even managed to squeeze in a chat with publicist Catherine from Scholastic. It was fantastic to finally meet the person behind the emails. And quiz editor Alice about what she's looking for in contemporary children's fiction - for her it's all about the voice.

In among all that talking. (I do love to talk) I found time to buy a couple more books: 

Reading Like A Writer by Francine Prose (See how much Lou inspired me!)
Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple (I'd never heard of it before but it had a quote from Jonathan Franzen on the front so I had to have it!)

Here is the blurb quoted from Amazon.co.uk:
Violet is normal-sized one minute and pocket-sized the next! It's the BIGGEST day in Violet's life. All she has ever wanted to do is ride Plunger, the scariest roller coaster around. And tody she is finally TALL enough. 1.4 meters to be exact. But just as Violet is about to climb into one of Plunger's carriages, someting totally crazy happens. Violet shrinks! She is suddenly as small as a fish finger. Although Violet doesn't stay little for long, her chances of ever riding Plunger are ruined. She never wants to shrink again... Bt then Granny is accused of stealing, and tiny Violet might just be the only one who can catch the thief. The first book in a fantastically funny new series!

You can follow Lou on Twitter @LouKuenzler and find out what else she's been up to on her website: http://www.loukuenzler.com/ You can even find out her school visits which I thoroughly recommend.

Shrinking Violet is officially released on 5th July. Do go and buy a copy. It's the perfect book for girls 7+.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Sounds so cute. I love the cover. And the lovely colorful spread.

Library Mice said...

I love Shrinking Violet :0)