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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review: Going Too Far

Author: Jennifer Echols

Release date: US Paperback 2009
Genre: Contemporary YA / Teen Romance
Target audience: 13+


Going Too Far is a contemporary novel about love, relationships and loss.

Meg is seventeen and all wants to be out of the backwater town where she was born and starting a new life at college. Meg is hell-bent on self-destruction at the beginning of the novel. She is arrested with three acquaintances on a railroad track over a bridge. Meg keeps herself closed off from everyone else; she lives for the now. The night on the bridge Meg’s arresting officer is After. Rather than send the four delinquent teens on a trip to the courthouse and possibly juvenile detention, he arranges for them to ride alongside various emergency services as rehabilitation method.

Meg despises Officer After. He spoiled her plans for Spring Break. He also incarcerated her and Meg is claustrophobic. As Meg rides along in After’s cop car for her punishment, she sees beyond the uniform and discovers the true identity of her cop.

I really enjoyed this book but I found it so hard to suspend my disbelief in the first part of the book. Meg tells us that her arresting officer is in his forties probably married with kids. Okay, so she is heavily intoxicated and it’s dark when they first meet, but even so it seemed a bit of a stretch. After is actually nineteen. Who could really mistake a nineteen year old for a forty year old? I’ll admit it irked me. As did the fact that someone so young was patrolling the streets in his car alone. Where was his experienced partner? I’ve watched so many cop shows on TV that I proclaim myself an expert. I do understand that he author had to make certain choices for the story to work. The problem was me and my inability to shut off the voice that said: Would this really happen?

Having said that, once I just let go of this annoyance, I found the book very readable and let myself be carried along by their connection. There is depth to the characterisation and back story that brings Meg and After to their respective emotional states at the point the story starts is touching and detailed. The dialogue was witty and amusing. The plot was compelling. I really couldn’t wait to read the ending. Overall, I thought Going Too Far was a charismatic love story – slightly implausible perhaps but hey, who cares if the characters have chemistry!

Recommended for fans of:
·         Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Source: US copy from Read It Swap It


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I didn't really notice that John's situation was unrealistic, but now, yeah, you're totally right. I still loved it though!

I Want To Read That said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this overall. I loved it!

Clover said...

LOVE this book. And John After. :)