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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Song Quest: Back in Print!

Woo hoo!

Song Quest is back in print today!

Horray for:
  • Blogger power
  • Awesome fantasy novels
  • Publishers who rock my socks off
  • Authors who transport you to another world and also happen to be lovely people
Huge congratulations to Katherine Roberts on the release of her brilliant new book Sword of Light.

Two books. One fantastic writer. One happy blogger.

Now readers: Go and buy them.

Thank you.


editorsarticle.blogspot.com/ said...

cool blog! I think you will like mine!

Katherine Roberts said...

Thank you, Becky, for a week of amazing publicity for my books!

And to think that when "Song Quest" was first published twelve years ago, nobody had blogs... makes me wonder how books will be published in twelve years' time?

Cait said...

Omg, I LOVED this series so, so much. I'm absolutely going to buy a copy of this!

The Cait Files