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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Review: The Statisical Probability of Love at First Sight

Author: Jennifer E Smith

Release date: 5th January 2012
Genre: Contemporary YA
Target audience: 12+
UK Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 9780755392179

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is a charming and touching contemporary teen romance. From the very first page you’ll be considering those tiny split second decisions that change the course of your life forever.

For once I didn’t mind the prologue at all, in fact, I loved it. It is two pages of what if this never happened, what if that... The tiny insignificant details that mean Hadley is running late to get to the airport. She arrives just in time to see the gate close and her plane to England take off without her. So now she’s stuck with the knowledge that these choices resulted in her being four minutes late. She should be thrilled as maybe she won’t make it to London in time for her father’s wedding but there are a lot of questions, emotions, and possibilities running riot in Hadley’s head.

This was in some ways quite a difficult book for me to read. I tend to steer clear of any book that involves a character dealing with parental abandonment issues. I have enough of those of my own. Hadley’s feelings really got under my skin and Jennifer E. Smith describes with painful accuracy how it feels to be left behind by your father. How it feels for him to go off and want to start a new life without you. As far as you’re concerned the life he had with his family was just fine. Yes, there are tears in my eyes as I write this and a lump in my throat. It is sixteen years since my dad left my mum and I have a great relationship with him but even now remembering those emotions is one of the most painful things I can do to myself. Yes, the keyboard is blurry through my tears.

But The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight isn’t a sad book. It just happens to be a book that touches the very depths of my identity. It is actually a very joyful book. It is full of hope and possibilities. You see while Hadley waits at the airport contemplating what she expects will be one of the most difficult days of her life, fate throws a cute boy her way. Or rather he very gallantly helps her out of a potential criminal act and so their stories weave together. The story that takes places in the next twenty-four hours will make you smile, will make you laugh and it will leave you feeling hopelessly romantic. It will also make you feel less phobic and free to just be.

I loved all the statistical references in this book and the quirky, witty flirting of the two characters on the plane. I know that the next time I take a flight I’ll be wondering if there are two people on the flight whose lives are about to change forever. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is sweet, tender and uplifting – everything you could want from a contemporary Young Adult novel.

Source: Proof copy sent by Headline.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

O awesome review. This sounds rather brilliant.

Vicki Dickinson said...

I really loved this book too, it reminded me of my own 'what if' encounter that stayed just that. Have a huggle Becky x

Jessica Jillings said...

Great review, and I love your blog! This books looks fab, something on my TBR list!

Jessica from Booked Up!

:) xxx

Hannah Mariska said...

This sounds like a really interesting book...I love the idea of 'what if' and fate. sounds quite inspirational!

Ari (Reading After Midnight) said...

Oh, how I loved this story. it was so cute and touching at times ;))
Glad to see that you liked it too :D