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Monday, 30 January 2012

Author Interview: Katherine Roberts Q8

The countdown : 2 days to go!

This is the last question. Enjoy!  Tomorrow something different! And my thanks to Katherine for taking part.

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Question 8
Now I’ve read SWORD OF LIGHT, I’m impressed by the way you managed to take existing Arthurian myth and create your own new legacy for a new generation. How hard is to write a story which has its foundations in a much-loved legend? Were there any challenges specific to working with an existing myth?

Well, the book is not out yet, so I am still awaiting people’s reactions! I expect those readers who know Thomas Malory’s version of the legend (Morte D’Arthur) will be picking holes in mine, but I think it’s important to remember that the Arthurian stories we know and love are not history. The historical facts about Arthur are actually quite scanty, so there is more freedom writing a series based on a legend like this, than there is writing historical fiction. I’ve read a lot of (adult) Arthurian fiction and have tried to keep the most popular elements while adding some inventions of my own. I’ve also simplified things slightly, so you’ll find King Arthur’s half sisters have vanished, but he has gained a daughter.

I found the fairy myths quite challenging, and spent some time trying to decide whether Avalon and Annwn were the same place. I hope to explore this more as the series progresses. Finally, there’s the Grail Quest, which runs through the entire series. I think Book 4 will be the biggest challenge, since the most obvious happy ending – Arthur returning to Camelot – clearly cannot happen, and I can already feel the tug between the pagan and Christian myths surrounding the Grail… I’m just hoping Rhianna Pendragon will sort it all out for me when she gets there!
Katherine Roberts

Ooh, what an insight into the process of writing a series. I am wholly reassured by the fact that all the answers aren't there yet. It gives me hope for my own writing. Thanks Katherine! I have learnt a lot from your answers to my questions.

You can visit Katherine's website:

Rhianna Pendragon, heroine of Sword of Light, is on Twitter. Follow her here: www.twitter.com/PendragonGirl

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Katherine Roberts said...

And thank YOU Becky for such an interesting interview to kick off Sword of Light's blog tour!