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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Author Interview: Katherine Roberts Q7

The countdown : 3 days to go!

Every day from now until Song Quest by Katherine Roberts is back in print and her new novel the Sword of Light is released, I'll be sharing with you a question posed by me and answered by Katherine. The most in depth answers ever offered by an author in bitesize daily doses. Enjoy! And my thanks to Katherine for taking part.

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Question 7

I love that your main character in the Pendragon books is called Rhianna. We have several Rhiannas at school and I know they will be delighted to have a character namesake. So this leads me to ask: How do you choose your characters' names?

Fantasy names are fun, but can also be tricky. For my purely fantasy books, I try to come up with something a bit strange, because I think it takes away the magic if you call your hero by too familiar a name… at the same tiime it's important not to make fantasy names too strange, because I need to be able to pronounce them easily when I'm giving a reading from my book! I often find readers pronounce my invented names quite differently from the way I pronounce them, but that's fine with me... and I have to admit (embarrassed blush) I'm one of those people who pronounced Hermione "her-me-own" until I heard JK Rowling read from Harry Potter and realised it ought to be “Her-my-own-ee”!

For books like my new Pendragon series, things are a bit different because I'm working with legend/history. Since I'm setting my version of the Arthurian legend in the early Dark Ages, I downloaded a list of Celtic names from the internet and found Elphin and Rhiannon there. I was actually going to use Rhiannon for my heroine, but felt this sounded a bit heavy when teamed with Pendragon. So she became Rhianna. But I didn't realise that this was such a popular modern name… though of course there's the singer Rihanna with a different spelling, so maybe that's why? (I am a bit dense about these things sometimes.) Anyway, I hope all the Rhiannas at your school will enjoy the books!
Katherine Roberts

You can visit Katherine's website:

Rhianna Pendragon, heroine of Sword of Light, is on Twitter. Follow her here: www.twitter.com/PendragonGirl

Tomorrow, Question 8!

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