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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Author Interview: Katherine Roberts Q3

The countdown : 7 days to go!

Every day from now until Song Quest by Katherine Roberts is back in print and her new novel the Sword of Light is released, I'll be sharing with you a question posed by me and answered by Katherine. The most in depth answers ever offered by an author in bitesize daily doses. Enjoy! And my thanks to Katherine for taking part.

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More information about the Song Quest Campaign can be found HERE.

Question 3

What made you take the leap into e-books? How are you finding this new venture into Kindle publishing?

I feel I was pushed rather than leapt of my own accord! After my agent died, I had a five year break in contracts, which meant a creative backlog coupled with time on my hands and disappearing income. I knew I had to do something. Amazon had just opened the door to independent publishers, and at the same time my older books started going out of print and my publishers showed no sign of bringing them back to the shelves. So I began the painful process of reverting the rights, and meanwhile taught myself how to format a book for Kindle with the idea of republishing my backlist as e-books. I finally got Spellfall up for sale with amazon.co.uk in January, and with amazon.com later in the year when the sublicense with Scholastic expired. Since then I have republished all of my Seven Fabulous Wonders series as ebooks as well, though so far I’ve not had time to do much publicity for them.

One of the good things about authors republishing their backlists independently in this way is that they can price them competitively. You can find more ebooks by UK authors at the group blog www.authorselectric.co.uk
Katherine Roberts

Rhianna Pendragon, heroine of The Sword of Light, is on Twitter at www.twitter.com/PendragonGirl

Tomorrow, Question 3!

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