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Monday, 23 January 2012

Author Interview: Katherine Roberts Q1

The countdown : 9 days to go!

Every day from now until Song Quest by Katherine Roberts is back in print and her new novel the  Sword of Light is released, I'll be sharing with you a question posed by me and answered by Katherine. The most in depth answers ever offered by an author in bitesize daily doses. Enjoy! And my thanks to Katherine for taking part.

If you haven't read my review of Sword of Light, follow this LINK.

More information about the Song Quest Campaign can be found HERE.

Question 1

Where did Song Quest's journey begin?

It began with a short story called "Death Singer", which was first published in a small-press fantasy magazine called Xenos in 1994. I had the original idea when I came across fascinating book on music therapy in my local library. Doctors had discovered that playing a patient’s favourite music following an operation helped the patient recover faster. Obviously, this music would be different for each patient, but I started thinking what if… what if there was a single song that could heal everyone? And if there was such a song that healed everyone, then there might also be a song that could kill – a death song, which might be used to execute criminals. Intrigued by the idea, I developed this further into five Songs of Power and wrote the Echorium Anthem one wet afternoon, which became the first page of "Song Quest".

Echorium Anthem

For healing sleep of lavender dreams,

For laughter golden and gay,

For tears shed in turquoise streams,

For fear, blood and scarlet screams,

For death of deepest midnight shade.

For these the Songs, five in one:

Challa, Kashe, Shi, Aushan, Yehn.

“Death singer and other fantasy tales” is now available from amazon.co.uk as an e-book for Kindle priced at £1-99.
Katherine Roberts

Rhianna Pendragon, heroine of The Sword of Light, is on Twitter at www.twitter.com/PendragonGirl

Tomorrow, Question 2!

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