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Saturday, 15 October 2011

British Books Challenge: Are you the future?

Hello Challengees, hope you are all rather chipper!

There are only three months left to complete the challenge. I'm no longer convinced that I will reach 50 books.

But, I suppose it is not the outcome that matters but rather the intention and the effort that went into trying. If you do not make your goal, rest easy because you tried and I'm sure in the trying you read more British Books than you would have otherwise. So dig deep and keep going!

Now the purpose of this post is not to be a motivational butt kick but something altogether different.

Next year this blog may disappear entirely, it may still be here but it may change form, at this point I do not know. It kinda depends on the team blog and my teammates are not the most forthcoming of bloggers even if they are two of my very favourite people.

But I have reached at least one decision, 2012 will be time to hand the baton for this challenge to another British blogger.

Could it be you?

If you're thinking, yes please! I guess leave me a comment and we'll take it from there. If you'd rather not leave a comment, you can email me (the bookette @ googlemail.com). If more than one person would like to host the challenge, maybe we can think of a fun way to win the job. It could be a nice interactive way to end the year. We'll see...



kirsty at the overflowing library said...

I'd be interested :)

Sarah said...

I think I'm up to 46 books by British authors now so I should easily hit my 50 books target. I'm really enjoying discovering new British talent :o)

I've been thinking about hosting some kind of challenge next year but hadn't decided what to do so if Kirsty decides she doesn't want to do it for any reason let me know & I'd be happy to step in. I'm happy for Kirsty to take over though - she got in there first!

I Want To Read That said...

If either Kirsty or Sarah decide not to I'd be interested :D

Cliona said...

Awwww no Becky please don't delete the blog!!! :(

Caroline said...

You should see the state of my Anne McCaffrey challenge ;)
You've done a fab job of this challenge this year - thanks for organising it!!

Clover said...

I would definitely be interested in taking over for you, but I'm sad at the same time. Either way, thank you so much for hosting it this year (I've now finished my 60th book for the challenge!)