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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Review: The Comic Strip: Big Fat Book of Knowledge

Author: Tracey Turner

Illustrator: Sally Kindberg
Release date: 5th September 2011
Genre: Non-fiction (World History, Space, Greek Myths)
Target audience: 8+
UK Publisher: Bloomsbury


The Comic Strip: Big Fat Book of Knowledge is a fun informative book which will tell you all about the history of the world and the history of space, and the best Greek myths too. It is very accessible – the facts are presented in a comic book style with lots of witty asides to make you chuckle.

I decided to read the History of Space section of this book. Having done a fair amount of space research for my WIP, I am confident about stating that the facts are up to date with current theory. For example, the author does not simply attribute the beginning of the universe to the Big Bang; she considers other possibilities and details them – e.g. the Big Bounce.

There is a huge breadth of knowledge in the Space section – it covers everything from Ancient Civilisations’ interpretations of the stars to the history of the telescope and even particle physics. (In my mind, it doesn’t come any cooler). This book takes really complex scientific ideas and transforms them into bite size, witty chunks which are easy to understand. Want to know how the sun was formed? The name of the first dog to orbit the Earth? What will happen to the universe in the future? The answers are here for you to find. The best thing about this book is that when scientific theory hasn’t solved something yet – like what dark energy is - the author tells us this. Science is a process. Hopefully a bidding scientist will read this book and then go on to discover something brilliant about space or write a theory of Everything which Einstein never managed to do. When you read this, you realise how many different people have looked at an aspect of space and wondered about it enough to try to understand how it works. It’s pretty inspirational.

This is a fantastic book and I think it would make an ideal Christmas present especially for boys in the 8 – 12 age range. They will love the crazy cartoons and the cheeky humour. They can dip in and out of it or read it cover to cover. Either way I’m sure they’ll love it.

Thank you to Bloomsbury Books for sending the book to review.


junipersjungle.com said...

This book looks fab. I know it's aimed at the 8+ market but I get the idea it's the kind of book that might finally explain some things in the right way for me!

Raimy-rawr said...

this one sounds brilliant, I think it may be going on the Christmas list for L - he loves comics and stuff so this would be perfect!