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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Picture Book Review: Daisy Plays Hide and Seek

Author: Ellie Sandall

Release date: 2nd May 2011
Genre: Picture Book
Target audience: 3+
UK Publisher: Egmont


Daisy Plays Hide and Seek is an adorable interactive picture book.

Daisy is a cow unlike any other. She can change colour like a chameleon and so she is really fun to play hide and seek with. Jake is sure he will be able to find Daisy and so the game begins.

Children will love this book because they will be able to spot where Daisy is hiding. Each time they turn the page they’ll see Daisy in a new environment and blending in with each new colour. Sandall makes the reader part of the story as we are playing hide and seek too.

I really loved this picture book because the plot is simple but effective. The text and the illustrations are in perfect harmony. I also found the Daisy the cow really refreshing. The overuse of unfamiliar creatures like crocodiles is incredibly wearing. So I think there is even magic in Sandall’s choice of character. The countryside backdrop was also perfect for the age group.

The illustrations are vibrant and energised. There are lots of textures and colours to delight the senses. Every double page spread is different and of course the best is left until last. There is a cliff hanger and there is resolution. It is simply wonderful and will be a joy to share. Daisy Plays Hide and Seek is gorgeous! I highly recommend it.

1 comment:

I Want To Read That said...

I love picture books! This one sounds great - and I love the cover!

There is one about a crocodile that I love though called I Really Want To Eat A Child by Sylviane Donnio!