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Monday, 1 August 2011

BBC: August Review Link Up

I know that last month I didn't read many British books. In fact I hardly read any books at all what with the end of term, finishing the second draft of my WIP and going on holiday. I think I may not be the only one who has lost momentum. Hopefully I can turn it around in August and read at least five British books. That will be my mini goal.

I have also been terrible about announcing the winners. So let's change that now.

The winner of The Book of Dead Days for the June draw is Laurie @ In Laurie's Mind.

The winner of Firebrand for the July draw is Sophie @ So Many Books, So Little Time.

The book I've picked out for this month is... Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie.
I haven't actually read it yet but as the sequel Sister, Missing is coming out soon I thought it would cool if someone else was reading it at the same time as me.

Linky up those reviews, I actually have time over the next four weeks to read them. Yay!


Cliona said...

I love Girl, Missing, Sister Missing is one of my most anticipated 2011 reads!

junipersjungle.com said...

After a bit of a slow patch I'm really pleased to have started August with a couple of British authors.

Beth Kemp said...

Two this month so far. Woohoo! Am up to twelve now. Don't think I'll make the fifty (although you never know...) but I will keep going and see how many British books I can review this year.

Rebecca-Books said...

I love how there are three in a row so far for me, sorry, read a lot this month.

Also, I looked Morris Gleitzman up. He is English although his second name sounds more German to me.

Michele Helene (Verilion) said...

I think I'm on number 10, I've totally lost count, but considering I was planning on averaging a book a month, I've read over 12 and it's not even September and done a couple of books that have not been for the challenge, so I'm happy.