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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mini-Review: Horrid Henry's Bodies

Author: Francesca Simon

Release date: UK paperback 3rd February 2011
Non-Fiction Subject: Science/ Bodies
Target audience: 5+
UK Publisher: Orion


Horrid Henry’s Bodies is a fun if rather gruesome selection of facts about bodies. As an adult reader, I read the book cover to cover in less than half an hour. But this fact book about bodies can easily be used as a book to dip in and out of and of course used to freak-out your friends.

The book is divided into sixteen small chapters on different topics about bodies. The facts relate to humans, mammals, insects and many other wonderfully gruesome things. For children who love Horrid Henry, there are some great interjections from Henry himself who relates the facts to characters who are a part of his fiction series.

Now on to some of my favourite facts:

The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. Pg. 48 I want to test this one!

Cows can sleep standing up, but they can only dream lying down. Pg. 49 How do scientists know this stuff?

An octopus has three hearts. Pg. 59 Move over Dr Who!

Do you ever get hiccups? The longest anyone has had hiccups is 69 years! Pg. 84 How would one not go completely insane?

But my absolute favourite is this one:

Whenever you talk or chew, little clumps of earwax fall out of your ears. Luckily, they are too small to see. Pg.6 Maybe earmuffs should be standard attire when dining out?!

This book is a must have for any school library. Children will love it and the style is so accessible. It gets the thumbs up from me! I really enjoyed it.

NB: Text in italics © Francesca Simon 2011


Cliona said...

Haha they're hilarious facts! I especially love the one abot the cows. How DO scientists know this stuff?!

Phanee said...

I remember reading Horrid Henry stories when I was younger! I also love fact books! I've read a couple of Glenn Murphy's ones (from the Science Museum series)

Love the facts you chose! Especially your favourite! I think the children will love it!

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

This sounds like so much fun to read! It's great that you included a few facts, it gives a really good idea of the book. Lovely review! I had no idea that earwax just falls out of a person's ears, lol.