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Saturday, 26 March 2011

BBC: Please read if you're participating

You may have noticed that I have been rather absent lately.

I haven't been commenting.
I haven't even been reading your posts.

The worst thing?

I haven't even been reading your reviews for the BBC. This makes me very sad.

This is not a post about feeling guilty about reviewing. I am done with that. I have been reading lots of review books lately. In a machine like fashion if you must know.

This is a post about the BBC. Something I am commited to making a success.

I know many people said they were not fussed about whether there were prize packs for the winners of each month. I want to check that this is still the case.

You see the thing is I am scaling back my acceptance of review books which means that I am not comfortable with publishers providing the prizes. I think they should see some results for their generous contributions. So what I am trying to say is: Are you going to be desperately upset if there are not prize packs?

I would rather choose one of my favourite British Books as a prize each month and send it to the winner. I think this would be more personal and more supportive of the writers that I love because I will be buying the book and hopefully encouraging someone else to read it.

I really need your thoughts on this. BBC is a democracy not a dictatorship.


junipersjungle said...

I think we all have phases where we feel like our review reading is becoming far too machine like for it to be fun, I can completely understand what you're saying. For me taking part in the BBC was never about the prize packs it was about making sure I was reading some great British fiction throughout the year.

Becky said...

JunipersJungle, thanks that is helpful to know. I have been in conveyor belt mode. In one way it is a sense of achievement but it isn't why I read hence why I am scaling right back. I know it is the only answer in the long run. Otherwise you will never see the books I love because I will never get around to reading them.

Vivienne said...

I take part for the fun of it, not for the prizes. I think you are doing the right thing, there are only so many books you can read and you are busy on top of all that. Life is to be enjoyed not endured!

Lyndsey said...

I answered on twitter, but as above it's not about the prizes for me at all.

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

I agree, I am in it for the fun, not for the prizes. I just want to get to know new British authors and catch up on some old ones, as I really love British literature.

One book a month that you love as a prize sounds great. You are right - this will make BBC more intimate. You, as the host, should feel just as comfortable about BBC as we do.

Let's have fun!

Vicki said...

Sorry Becky, that was me signed in on the blog account rather than my own and not Lyndsey! x

Caroline said...

I already told you not to send me a prize pack even if I win so... no problem!!!
I'd rather you use the time to promote British books rather than feel obliged to read review books!
Don't even think about feeling guilty or bad :)

Beth Kemp said...

I don't think the Challenge is about the prizes at all. I signed up because I wanted to read and review the books, and have a fun way of keeping track - I'm sure that's true of others also.

And choosing the prizes yourself as British books you're recommending sounds perfect in spirit.

Library Mice said...

As I said earlier on Twitter, it is not about the prizes for me at all so I don't mind either way. I am struggling at the moment to juggle reading for work (Carnegie shortlist looming for example), for the blog and for myself. I read "Before I Fall" last month for myself and it actually was a relief not to have to write a review about it.
Just do what you feel is right for you!

Amused said...

For me its the fun of reading British authors and discovering great books. It's wonderful that you were offering prizes but by all means feel free to stop if its too much pressure!

Phanee said...

Becky, just do what you think is right! Of course, it is wonderful having prize packs, but if it adds on the pressure of 'having' to review books, instead of just choosing the ones you want to read, then, by all means, don't do it!

I don't think the point of the BBC is to provide prizes, anyway. That was not the reason I signed up. The whole point is to promote British authors and to discover some great books! So, don't pressurise yourself!


Clover said...

I don't care about the prize packs (as I've already said to you on twitter!) I have a lot of the books from publishers anyway and would have felt bad if I'd won. I much prefer your idea of sending out a personal favourite anyway.

I hope you get back to a place where things are more comfortable for you soon :)

Sarah said...

Hi Becky, I just wanted to say that like everyone else taking part in the BBC isn't about the prizes for me so it wouldn't bother me at all if there were none. To be honest I have so many books I don't know when I'd get to review any prize books I won anyway!

Just go with whatever you feel most comfortable with, I'm sure most of us will still be happy to take part in the challenge either way - I'm enjoying keeping track of how many books I've read by British authors and even though I've already read my 12 books I'm planning on reading as many more as I can by the end of the year :o)

Birdie said...

Hey, I think it's more than acceptable not to have prize packs. I honestly think most of us read and review for the fun and the challenge. And, personally, I'd rather have a chance at one of your faves than whatever the publisher is pushing that month. On the other hand, even if there are no prizes at all, I'd still enjoy this challenge.

Get your time back and do just what you like; we'll support ya!

Julianne said...

I don't mind about the prize packs, chances are that if I won, I would turn the prize down anyway as I have so many books and have to be quite particular about what new ones I collect. There are plenty of reading challenges that don't have prize packs at all! The main thing is sharing our love of British literature :)

prophecygirl said...

I don't care whether there's a prize pack or not - this challenge is about celebrating British fiction, not winning books!

Well, for me it is anyway.

Asamum said...

Not bothered about the prize pack at all. Just glad you are doing this fab challenge.
I was going to take the books to the school library if I won any so no probs there. People are so generous.
If you would like a book donated for the pack I would be happy to do that too.

Joy said...

For me, the cool thing about the prize pack was that it showed support by the publishers for what we're doing. It hadn't occured to me that it meant more work for you, but of course it does! I say do what you need to do for yourself. You can always go back to the prize pack idea when things become more sane in your life.

Jo said...

Prize packs not necessary! I take part for the fun of taking part and to see if I can do it! :)

Fi-chan (Bookish-Escape) said...

nah, it's okay. I signed up for fun, since I was going to read some anyway. :D Plus, I didn't review anything for March omg. I read, but didn't have time to review. Of course it'd be great to win something, but I won't feel upset, of course.