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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Winner of the January Prize Pack

Hello BBCers! Thanks to all your hard work we reached 100 reviews for January. I'm chuffed and I'm sure our favourite authors will be too.

Random.org selected no. 82 as the January Prize Pack Winner which is Sarah of The Padded Envelope.

Sarah please email me at thebookette @ googlemail.com so we can sort out about getting those brilliant books on their way to you. I couldn't find a contact page on your blog.

Want to know which February YA releases are by British authors? Hop on over to Teenage Fiction for All Ages and check out the fab list. Thanks for your help Karen.

And now... on to the February reviews. Keep them coming lovely people!

A question for you:
Do you prefer having one winner of a prize pack? Or would you prefer to have two winners of say three books to spread the joy a bit more? Of course, my control of this is limited to the generosity of my wonderful publisher sponsors.


asamum said...

I honestly dont have a preference. I am just enjoying the challenge and lots of us share books anyway :D

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

Congrats to Sarah!

Tough question. Maybe two winners every now and then if the prize pack is generous.

Lynsey Newton said...

I agree with Emma :)

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Many thanks for the link! 1 prize maybe....dithering.

Sarah Barker said...

ooooo all those lovely books, thanks :) Perhaps a bit biased here but agree with Irene, one winner but if especially generous maybe two :) My reading group are going to love these books. So excited :)

Sarah Barker said...

Sorry Irena, fingers typing too fast.

Caroline said...

Yay!! Can't wait to post my February reviews :D
I don't mind either, I am only doing the challenge to read the books and share with people (I honestly don't know where i'll put all those lovely books!!)
thanks again for organising this wonderful challenge!

Sarah said...

Congratulations Sarah! I don't think it really matters how many winners there are Becky, I guess it just depends on the prize packs :o)

I'm impressed there were over 100 reviews in January! I managed to get 4 reviews posted but have a couple of other books by UK authors that I read but haven't had time to review yet - I think I'm half done with the challenge already but I'll keep reading more LOL

Clover said...

Yeah, I'm with the others - the prizes are just the icing on the top, really. I'm doing the challenge because it's been fun and interesting and nice to do something as a group. So it doesn't make a difference to me!

Jesse Owen said...

Congratulations Sarah :D

I'm with everyone else and don't have a preference - I didn't enter the contest to win the books, it's interesting and fun and that's enough for me :D

Becky said...

Thanks for all your feedback re prizes. I never knew you were all so laissez faire. Good to know!