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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Entangled Blog Tour: Author Interview

ENTANGLED COUNTDOWN: 4 days till publication…

Hi Everyone, let's have a warm welcome for debut novelist Cat Clarke. I share with you our interview on the theme of New Year's Resolutions (sort of).

Becky: Hi Cat and welcome to The Bookette. 2011 must be the most exciting year for you as a debut novelist. So first let’s start with a question about Entangled and how it feels to have your first novel published?

Cat: It feels weird! That’s the best way to describe it. It’s something I’ve wanted to happen for such a long time and now that it’s actually happening, I don’t quite know what to make of it!

Becky: What other ambitions (related to writing or otherwise) do you hope to achieve in 2011?

Cat: I want to write my third book and make it as good as it can possibly be. I want to move house and grow vegetables in the garden.

Becky: And which bad habits do you hope to conquer this year?

Cat: This year I will conquer procrastination. Oh yes indeedy, look out world! I’m going to be a writing MACHINE.

Becky: If my New Year’s Resolution was to read three books that will change my life, which three would you recommend and why?

Elsewhere – Gabrielle Zevin

Looking for JJ – Anne Cassidy

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

These books are SO good. In fact, whenever I tell anyone about Elsewhere, I always describe it as life-changingly good! Each of these books will make you think, but they’re not too thinky... if that makes any sense at all?!

Becky: Yes, it makes perfect sense. No one wants a brain malfunction whilst reading but they do want to think. Well, the good news is I have read Looking for JJ and To Kill A Mockingbird (definitely a book that will stay with me forever). But now I will have to buy a copy of Elsewhere because I haven't read that one. Thanks for the recommendation.

Now, it is well known to followers of your blog that you have a rather bizarre fondness for cheese. Sadly, I am Team Chocolate. Let’s say my New Year’s Resolution was to try one new cheese. What one should I try? I like mellow cheeses by the way and nothing that looks mouldy!

Cat: Becky, I don’t even know what to say to you. I have no words. I mean, chocolate is okaaaaaaay, I guess. But cheese is cheesy! I think you should try a nice cave-aged Gruyère from Switzerland. Let me know how that works out for you...

Becky: Cave aged ... why am I suddenly very afraid but I guess I'll give it a try... So are you pro New Year’s Resolutions or against? And why?

Cat: I don’t have strong feelings either way. I’m not someone who detoxes every January – and certainly not this January. I think January is a tough month to get through anyway, so self-deprivation isn’t really for me. I will make bizarre resolutions at other times of year though (and fail miserably within a couple of weeks).

Becky: I am more of a whenever I feel like it and not just because it is the 1st January kind of girl too. And so my final question, I believe I have asked you this once before but perhaps not all my readers will know so in the time honoured tradition: Please tell us what is your favourite biccy and why? Oh and just because I feel extra cheeky today, I’m going to ask: is dunking a biscuit in a cup of tea biscuit heaven or biscuit blasphemy?

Cat: A milk chocolate digestive! It feels like a real treat. And as for dunking... I personally do not dunk, but some of my best friends are dunkers, and I have no objection to anyone who feels the need to dunk, whether in public or in the privacy of their own home. It’s all good with me.

Thanks for having me on your lovely blog, Becky! If you need any more cheese recommendations, do give me a shout! x

Becky: Thanks for stopping by Cat. I wish you lots of luck with the release of Entangled. May your 2011 be filled with mechanical writing, a lorry-load of cheese and some life-changing reads x.

Don't forget to check out the other blogs on the tour and hop on over to Cat's blog. She writes the funniest posts!


Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Great interview. Can't wait for Entangled to be released. I too will have to add Elsewhere to my wishlist.

asamum said...

Cat making me laugh twice in one day :D
I am with you on the cheese versus chocolate debate :D

CarlyB said...

Cave aged Gruyere FTW. Girl knows her cheeses.x

The Slowest Bookworm said...

Dunking urrghhhhhh. I hate when people dunk. I have to try and avert my eyes lol.

I've not heard of Elsewhere. I'm heading over to Goodreads now to look it up.

Really enjoyed your interview. Great work girls!

Michele Helene (Verilion) said...

I'm Team Cheese and Chocolate. Why can't you have both?

YA reader said...

Elsewhere is one of my favourite books ever - fantastic interview

Pisinat said...

Entangled sounds so good! I have to read it!

I also have to read To Kill a Mockingbird apparently : I read everywhere that it definitely is a must read !

(whooo... I use a lot of "read" in this short comment ^^)

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

Great interview! Both informative and fun.

I love the final "cheeky" question. I don't dunk biscuits into tea either, but I don't mind it when others do it. My sister is a dunker.:)

Good luck to Cat Clarke!

Sarah said...

I have to say I love both chocolate & cheese but I've never tried cave-aged Gruyere so I'm going to have to do something about that :o)

I'm ashamed to admit that I've not read any of Cat's recommended reads - I'm going to have to buy copies of all of them now lol

Library Mice said...

I loved "Elsewhere", it really is a fantastic, thought-provoking book!
I'm with you on the cheese Cat. In fact,I have more less eaten nothing but cheese and biscuits since Xmas Eve!
Great interview Becky!

Lauren said...

This was so much fun to read, although I have to say I'm Team Chocolate too. I mean, nobody wants to dunk a cheese biscuit in their tea, do they? :D

I have to agree about Elsewhere being life changing though, and I'm hoping that the writing machine resolution comes good because having loved Entangled I can't wait to read whatever Cat writes next.

Clover said...

Very funny interview :) Though, I have to say 'cave-aged' makes me a little afraid as well. I'm on Team Chocolate.

I Want To Read That said...

Great interview! I'm torn on the chocolate vs cheese hmmm will just have to keep eating both until I decide;)

I really want to read Elsewhere and Looking for jj - they both sound ace!