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Thursday, 13 January 2011

2011 Anne McCaffrey Reading Challenge

The wonderful, adorable and frankly intellectual Caroline @ Portrait of a Woman is hosting the Anne McCaffrey Reading Challenge 2011.

Here is me officially signing up for this challenge.

Why?  I hear you cry!

Literary heritage
Female Literary heritage no less
Fantasy and Sci-fi - my favourite genres
I have never read a book by this intimidatingly prolific author so I am doing something about that.

The challenge is super easy. You set your own goal somewhere between 2 and 25 books to read and review. A more thorough explanation can be found HERE.

So my goal is to read 3 novels by Anne McCaffrey.

  1. To Ride Pegasus (Talents Series)
  2. ...
Thanks to Caroline for hosting such a refreshingly different challenge.


Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

I am ashamed to confess I haven't heard of this author before!

*bows head in shame* :)

I won't join the challenge, as I promised myself I have enough challenges in store for 2011, but I WILL check out Anne McCaffrey. You convinced me with the word prolific.

Have fun reading her books!

Julianne said...

I've read and enjoyed quite a lot of AMC's books, including all the Dragonriders of Pern series (excluding those by Todd McCaffrey) and, I think, all but one of the Acorna series, and the Crystal Singer trilogy.

Unsolicited advice moment: You might want to reconsider reading To Ride Pegasus first. Basically, it contains some horrendous misogyny, of the subtle variety, it's not overt, but it was published in 1973 and set in the near future (1997, actually) and it shows. I wouldn't say not to read it ever, but it might put you off AMC's work, if that sort of thing bothers you. It would have put me off if I hadn't already read lots of her more recent novels.

Becky said...

Irena, well we have heard of her now. Hopefully my introduction will enlighten you.

Julianne, hmmm... that is a disappointment. I wanted to read a sci-fi rather than a fantasy. Can you recommend one for me? I would prefer YA but I'll give an adult one a try if necessary.

Caroline said...

I say YES and *blush*

Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge!

You could try the Tower and Hive series or the Petaybee series and if you can't get hold of the books at the library, you know where to find me *wink* :)

And di I mention YAY!!! ? :)

Julianne said...

Most of AMC's books are sci-fi, though they don't necessarily *read* that way, if that makes any sense, e.g. the dragons in the Pern books were genetically engineered, but the novels are set several centuries afterwards.

I don't think any of her sci-fi stuff is officially YA, although I read most of AMC's books when I was a teenager. I would say the Acorna series comes the closest to being YA, because Acorna starts off as a child and then the follow-up series, Acorna's Children, features her teenage daughter. She is a unicorn girl, but a unicorn girl in space who is adopted by space miners! I think the first one is more about politics and child slavery but they get more sci-fi as the series goes on. It's hard to say really as it's been such a long time since I read them!

Katherine Roberts said...

Anne MacCaffrey is great. She was my no.1 favourite author when I was a teenager, and her dragonrider books are the original and best!

My pick of all her books is THE CRYSTAL SINGER, closely followed by THE WHITE DRAGON and the other Pern books. I have just downloaded ACORNA on my Kindle, and am reading it at the moment... now must check out that challenge!

tgroom57 said...

I halve a shelf full of the Dragonsinger books and would say they are suitable for either gender. Dragonsinger: Harper Of Pern can be read as a standalone - I always seem to stumble upon a series halfway through :S The Crystal Singer series may appeal more to females, perhaps, but I liked it better. More techy than the dragons.
Not sure if your first choice will be a good one - it raises some interesting issues.

Linda Strachan said...

Just seen this post so coming into it a bit late but I read them all years ago, too.

I suggest you try Restoree and The Ship Who Sang, which are more Sci Fi in feel than the dragons of Pern, but I agree the White dragon was a favourite in the Pern series and also Masterharper of Pern.