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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Announcement: The Replacement Blog Tour

The new year brings many things to The Bookette but none of them more scary than The Replacement Blog Tour.

You may be wondering how I got coerced into reading such a scary book ... All I can say is that I am very fond of one Simon and Schuster publicist and she promised me I would survive the experience. Actually, she whole-heartedly believed I would enjoy it! Was the mysterious but wonderful publicist correct? You will have to stay-tuned to this blog to find out. My review will be up next week.

My stop on the blog tour is January 6th and I will be sharing with you Brenna Yovanoff's playlist for The Replacement which I imagine to be terribly foreboding but we shall see. There are many other fabulous blogs on the tour as you can see. Enjoy if you do not tremble at the sight of creepy woods and the twitching of a curtain...

NB: I have disabled comments as this is an info only post!