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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Yes, my blog went haywire!

Hello all,

Yes there was a blog crisis yesterday. The solution? I had to change the background and so the whole thing  looks completely different.

I'm not sure my blog will stay looking this way but for now at least you can read it!

That is all!

The Bookette

P.S. It is nearly the weekend! I may actually finish a book if I am lucky.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

O no! Sounds horrible! Thank goodness you were able to work it out.

I Want To Read That said...

Woo Hoo - I can see your blog again. Started to feel a bit lost...

BTW really like this layout:)

Becky said...

Juju, it was awful because I wasn't around to fix it.

Sammee, yay! You can read my inane thoughts. Your comment cheered me up. Yay for friends!!!

Stephanie :) (Books Are A Girl's Best Friend) said...

I'm so glad you managed to sort it out and without losing anything too! :D

Caroline said...

I just love The Bookette ;)

And thank you for putting your new background in French, I am deeply touched :)

Oh dear, I shall leave you all before saying more stupid things!

Glad to have your blog back to a more readable layout Becky :) x

Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

So glad you got it sorted...I blamed my dinasaur of a laptop for it yesterday lol, either that or I'd been reading too much!!!

Christina/Book Addict said...

I like the new look! I knew something was going on when I tried to respond to your e-reader post, but couldn't read it! :( I am glad your blog is back up and running!!

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

Oh, that sucks! I saw the background went a little crazy when I read your post about e-raders, but I thought it was just a temporary things cause it happens sometimes. I'm sorry this happened to you. I like the new vintage background and I'm sure you'll find something very nice and very you, if you change it.

Becky said...

Stephanie, if I'd have lost something, there would have been tears...

Caroline, hee hee! Yes, very French and erm... Literary? No, well ok. I will find something better. As you say, at least you can read it now.

Michelle, definitely not your laptop. I thought an apocalypse had come.

Christina, yay!

Irena, you are so supportive. Thank you for everything and being so patient with me.

vampgirlx90 said...

Hello fellow blogger! new follower to your page here. Just wanted to drop some *love* and say that you have a wonderful blog here! I'm new to blogging and would love if you could return the favor and follow my page! Happy Blogging!