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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Review: The Loon on the Moon

Author: Chae Strathie

Illustrator: Emily Golden
Release date: 5th July 2010 UK Paperback
Genre: Picture Book
Target audience: 4+

Summary from Amazon:
This is the Loon who lives on the moon. Every night he collects children's dreams to make the moon glow. But then one night the light of the moon goes out, and the Loon must go in search of new dreams... Full of whimsy and wonder, this beautiful picture book is a celebration of the power of stories and the magic of dreams - perfect for sharing at bedtime.

The Loon on the Moon is a quirky, bright and charming picture book which is ideal for a bedtime story. The Loon lives on the moon and every night he uses his Loonzoomer to gather up all the marvellous dreams of children on Earth and then uses their dreams power his big engine which powers the light bulbs that make the moon shine in the sky.

But sadly, one night the children run out of dreams and then the worried Loon has to go searching for dreams from the magical creatures living on other planets.

This book has two beautiful aspects to it. The first is all about the whimsical quality of dreams and by reading the story at bedtime children will undoubtedly have their imaginations set alight. The second is about the planets of the solar system. The Loon visits each of them and so the story can be used to get children thinking about life on other planets and imagining who might live there, what they look like and how they like to spend their time there. I think it is the perfect picture book for encouraging story writing.

The text is lyrical and rhythmic. It has a magical feel to it. The creatures that live on the other planets all have bizarre names which will delight children. The illustrations are equally charming and they have a dream-like colouring to them. The Moptops from Mars were my favourite illustrated characters.

Overall, The Loon on the Moon is a brilliantly written and illustrated picture book. I highly recommend this one for every littlies book shelf.


Melissa said...

This sounds absolutely adorable for the younger audience! Brilliant review :)

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

What a delightfully unique idea! The moon needs dreams to shine and Loon collects dreams, lovely. This seems to be a truly adorable and a perfect bedtime story. Thanks for sharing! I would buy this book for myself.:)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I can't get over how delightful and whimsical this cover is. SO adorable!

brizmus said...

ohMAN, this sounds ADORABLE! It sounds like the kid of book that would have been my FAVORITE when I was a kid, and I would therefore probably still adore it now! I totally need to own this!
I love all the cute children's books you review. :-)

Caroline said...

*cuteness overload*
This looks absolutely adorable!
And you can learn about the solar system, yay!
Thanks for sharing this cutie :)

Becky said...

You are all SO right. This is adorablity personnified. Thanks for commenting.