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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Bookette's Guide to ... TV addiction

The love Audrey at Brizmus Blogs Books has been posting about the things she loves other than books. She inspired this post. But it is more about my misery than love of TV shows because right now so many of my favourites are on a break!

First up is Third Watch which I have only just got into on FX. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Third Watch is set in New York and it serialises the lives of the public services – Fire, Ambulance and Police. It is the most action packed crime show that I watch and in practically every episode someone dies a shocking death so you’re on the edge of your seat the whole time you’re watching it. Unfortunately, the series just ended on the biggest cliff hanger. Grrr...

Source: tvguide.com

The second series that I got into on FX was The Listener. I watched enough episodes to get into it and then that finished too. It’s about Toby Logan, a paramedic, he can hear people’s thoughts and he uses his ability to solve crimes with the help of his cop friend. The trouble with FX is they never give you any warning as to when the series is going to finish or when the new one is going to be aired so it leaves you feeling completely heartbroken.

Source: nerdles

My biggest sense of loss is for Stargate Atlantis which has finished altogether and happens to be one of my favourite TV shows of all time. We are talking sci-fi and outer space here and the reason I just adore it so much is the team. I love each of the main characters and how they all have their little foibles – especially Dr Rodney McKay. I actually sobbed my heart out when the writers killed off a character. I just could not believe that they would do that to me. I really miss Atlantis. So I had been watching Stargate Universe which is poor replacement really but just as I got into it the series finished. Grrrr... This time Sky 1 is at fault.

Source: movieeye

Did you know you can keep up to date with all news Stargate by following them on Twitter? Seriously, they have a verified account! @stargatecommand So cool!

Source: the-vampire-diaries-26506 india-server

Anyway, now on to Vampire Diaries which I had stacked up on my Sky+ box. I just finished watching the end of the first series. I have to say I hate all the scenes where they go back to when 18th Century, they are just too cheesy. But I do love all the dynamics between Elena, Stephan and Damon. I am Team Matt though because he is just such a sweet and grounded guy. At least it won’t be long until Series 2 is aired in the UK.

And finally, the show I love above all others is The Mentalist. My love for The Mentalist is wider than the Pacific Ocean, vaster than outer space. I am crazy about it. Every time Patrick Jane pulls one of his little tricks I am like a firework on Guy Fawkes’ Night. I hate that the series has finished. It makes me miserable just thinking about it. But hey, what do you expect when the man is genius?! Even my husband has accepted my love for Simon Baker. *sigh*

Source: downloadmovies24

I am not a patient person. I need my favourite TV shows. I have an addiction that needs feeding. So tell me which TV show should I be watching to keep me going and why?


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I love The Vampire Diaries and The Mentalist, too. I can't think of any to recommend because I'm waiting for all my shows to come back!

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

I love The Vampire Diaries, too! OK, I really LOVE TVD, I should say honestly.;) I can only say that you'll love the beginning of Season 2.
Otherwise, I am totally hooked on Merlin, a BBC-1 show; Season 3 started recently and episode 3 is coming up this Saturday. I like to recommend this show to people, but it's good to see the first two seasons first. But then again, I think they make it easy enough to follow.
My favourite show ever, however, is House M.D., so it's natural that I'll recommend it. Watch House, yep yep.;)Monday at 8:00pm on FOX.
I have to watch The Mentalist! Everyone says it's awesome and I want to catch up.

Clover said...

Ooh, how strange. I've written about TV programmes on my blog today too :) If I'm honest? I'd never heard of The Listener or Third Watch and know nothing about The Mentalist. I do love The Vampire Diaries though! I'm more of a rewatcher of some of my old favourites :)

asamum said...

Love The Vampire Diaries and The Mentalist. Autumn season cheer :D

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

oooo the Listener sounds goooooooood!

I Want To Read That said...

Oh dear - the only show from your list I have watched is Third Watch - and I loved the early seasons! I'm going to get Vampire Diaries and The Mentalist on DVD - I'm sure I'll love them both and I get really annoyed with this whole one episode a week thing! I like watching loads in a row! Hadn't heard of The listener before - will have to check it out:)

BTW my list of shows I'm addicted to would be neverending lol I'm not sure which is worse - my dvd or book addiction:(

Have you ever watched NCIS? Love that show! Ooh what about House? And of course I have to recommend Supernatural - but would that be too scary?

Becky said...

Sophie, at least Merlin is back on the BBC. And not long to The Apprentice or Strictly Come Dancing. I love those too.

Irena, Ooh I should try getting into House. I alwyas think it looks like a bizarre but interesting show. I did watch one episode but I think it is best to start these things from the beginning.

Clover, you know nothing about The Mentalist? You should really try doing something about that. I am so addicted. It makes me crazy LOL
Definitely a weird voodoo thing that we both posted about TV seeming as I have had this post written for a couple of weeks but couldn't decide when to schedule it for. I shall hop over and check out your thoughts.

Emma, yay for autumn!

Juju, the Listener is weird, a little cheesy but I love it anyway :-)

Sammee, I do not know how I have only just discovered Third Watch. I keep on hinting to hubby that I would like to have the complete boxsets for my birthday. I really hope he takes the hint.

LOL you must have an addictive personality :-D

I've tried NCIS but I haven't got into it. Same with Law and Order - I am not into the style of that one. I keep thinking about Supernatural but you know me so well, that is exactly the reason I haven't tried it. You know about my over-active imagination. I don't like nightmares.

Caroline said...

I'm personally a fan of House, The Big Bang Theory and way too many others :) Do you remember the dystopian series Dark Angel? I *loved* it!!
I actually buy/borrow the series and watch the episode in a week... I am not the one episode per week kind of girl ;)
By the way, I just started watching The Mentalist because you got me interested ;) It's so much fun!!

Katherine Roberts said...

I've been watching the Mentalist from the start. It's one of the best things on "free" TV I reckon! Also enjoy SPOOKS... is this weird? Not so much into Vampire Diaries, find them a bit teenagey.

Christina/Book Addict said...

I love the Vampire Diaries. I am definitely a fan of Alaric played by Matt Davis. :) He's such a cutie. I've never seen the Mentalist. Does it play over here? It sounds awesome.