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Saturday, 10 July 2010

I just pre-ordered...

Firebrand (Rebel Angels Book 1) by Gillian Philip

I have a proof of this and I am reading it at the moment. I'm up to page 26. I am already weak at the knees because Gillian's writing is so poetic. Thursday evening Gillian tweeted me the cover and so I wanted to post it here. I love it. It is so evocative. Just look at Seth's face and SWOON!

Anyway, this morning and I logged on and pre-ordered a finished copy from Amazon. I need to have a first-edition finished copy of this book. I just KNOW it is going to be huge!

Firebrand is released by Strident Publishing on August 13th 2010.

Here is the blurb for those of you who are unfamiliar with this epic book:
It’s the last decade of the sixteenth century: a time of religious wars in the full-mortal world. But the Sidhe are at peace, hidden behind the Veil that protects their world - until their queen, Kate NicNicven, determines to destroy it.

Seth MacGregor is the half-feral son of a Sidhe nobleman. When his father is assassinated, and Seth is exiled with his brother Conal to the full-mortal world, they vow not only to survive, but to return to reclaim their fortress and save the Veil.

But even the Veil’s power can’t protect the brothers when the brutal witch-hunts begin…
Source: Strident Publishing
Now why are you all still here? You should be on Amazon or the Book Depository pre-ordering this book!
My review will be up next week some time for those of you who like a little more detail.


Lauren said...

I'm definitely looking forward to your review now, since this one has obviously made a big impression. I do love that cover, especially the way the letters of the title look like they're made of polished metal.

Keren David said...

I absolutely can't wait to read this. Gillian is such a great writer, and, although I'm not usually into fantasy, this book sounds wonderful.

Dwayne said...

Will be looking forward to your review. I'm not sure I'm up for this, but I'm willing to give it a try :) I love the cover stare, lol

Becky said...

Lauren, that is very perceptive of you. I am impressed by your attention to detail.

Keren, I love that you are an author and also a fan girl. You have such good taste!

Dwayne, I hope my review will make you see how much this SHOULD be your thing. Sounds like a challenge! :-)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I'm not sure about this one. I think I'll wait for your review.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Hot face! Cool cover. You go girl :D

Becky said...

Sophie, that's what I am here for: To convince you when a book is worth buying!

Juju, thank you hun. I'm glad you appreciate the hunk!

I Want To Read That said...

Hey it's worth buying just for the cover!

Nina said...

That cover is amazing. Looking forward to read your review.