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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Rambling under the miscellaneous category

So I have a few random things to tell you about today. Let us begin!

Song Quest Update
The first review of Song Quest from the tour has been posted. Thank you to Sammee @ I Want To Read That for her wonderful review. You can read it in full here. But I'm going to share with you my favourite line:
'I found myself holding my breath in parts - either anxious to know what was going to happen or shocked by the turn of events. I found it completely unpredictable and loved that!' © Sammee, I Want To Read That, 2010
Entries are starting to come in for the book cover contest which is wonderful and very exciting. I think Katherine will be delighted. There is still plenty of time to enter so please get your creative design hats on. More info here.

Yesterday it crossed my mind that perhaps I should make a book trailer for Song Quest. What do you think? Any advice on where to start with a book trailer?

If you're a UK peep and would like to hop on the end of the tour, just pop me an email at thebookette @ googlemail.com.

Swapped by a Kiss
I wish to say a huge congratulations to Luisa Plaja who is the most wonderful person and is hugely supportive of all UK book bloggers. As well as running the teen fiction site Chicklish, she is also a UK author and her third teen novel Swapped by a Kiss was released this week. So please go and buy it because Luisa is the best!

Book must-haves
Yesterday, I asked four of my Year 5 girls (aged 9-10) what was their absolute must-have ingredient in any book. Three of them said something magical and one said that they liked to have horror. When I tried to get them to decide whether they prefered fantasy books to be set in a fantasy world or for the main character to live in our world and then discover a magical world, they couldn't decide. They did however keep referring back to The Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison. Do you know why I have this book in the library? It is because Lauren @ I Was A Teenage Book Geek and Jenny @ Wondrous Reads both wrote great reviews of it and said it was perfect for tweens. This made me think about how being a blogger is making me a better librarian and I think that is super cool.

I also asked the girls what was the perfect book ending for them. What a surprise! They couldn't really tell me. They did say they liked the dream ending. i.e. happily ever after. They gave the example of Jinx by Meg Cabot as fitting that mould. They hated cliffhangers although they would tolerate that in series books. It turns out they like epilogues. The favourite being from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. These girls are all very keen readers and are reading beyond the expected reading age. They are also very picky when it comes to choosing books but getting them to define what they like is practically impossible.

So now I ask you. What are your must-have book ingredients? How do your favourite books end?
My one must-have is a convincing narrative voice that hooks you from the beginning.
My favourite ending is a happy ever after. (I suspect this is because I am a hopeless romantic).

An Award
I have been getting a few awards recently but I haven't been keeping track. I apologise for my terrible disorganisation. So if you gave me an award thank you very much. I love that you love this blog.
One award I did keep track of is Who Loves You, Baby? which was awarded to me by Caroline @ Portrait of a Woman.

Caroline, you gave the sweetest reason for awarding me this and so I want to say a BIG THANKS! I have had a few low moments this week and your post really cheered me up.

So as this one appears to have no rules I am going to use it as a way to pass on a few personal messages of thanks to some fabulous people. 

To Christina @ Confessions of a Book Addict, thank you for being my book twin, my Twitter friend, my Goodreads friend and my sounding board.

To Chloe @ The Book Bug for sharing my obsession with Percy Jackson and always having the best sense of humour.

To Sarah @ Sarah Reviews and Rhiana @ Rhiana Reads - Thanks for supporting me in my campaign to get Song Quest back on the shelves and obsessing about Perfect Chemistry with me.

To Shweta @ Book Journal, thanks for being my Twitter friend and making me smile all the time.

To Carla @ The Crooked Shelf, thank you for speaking out about the issues that matter and just being yourself. You rock!

To Lauren @ I Was A Teenage Book Geek, thank you for being such a great blogger buddy. I love every review you write and every comment you leave. You think about everything you write and I totally admire that!

To Jenny @ Wondrous Reads, for always sharing her blogging and book knowledge and being a simply brilliant person.

To Sammee @ I Want To Read That, thanks for being such a super blog friend and going all out to support the Song Quest mission. Big hug!

I am so excited to get to meet some of you on the 15th!
To all my favourite people who I have not mentioned. I still love you and your blogs!

House of Night News
So you all know that the House of Night series is one of my guilty reading pleasures. Burned, the seventh book, was released this week. I'll have to pick it up on my next trip to Waterstones. Anyway, here is a link to the
first chapter and the book trailer. I'm hoping that I get to see even more of Stark in this one.

New Commentators
Firsly, thank you for stopping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them. I took a step back from commenting for April to get through some of my review books. But it is May now and about time that I stopped by your blogs.
So I ask the new people who have been commenting and reading my reviews to please leave a link to your blog in the comments today and I will stop by over the weekend and see what you've been reading.

Happy Weekend one and all!
Becky, The Bookette


Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Aww, what a great post! And I absolutely agree with what you said about Luisa and her new book and how people should buy it - I've just finished it yesterday and it was FANTASTIC! I'm just writing my review, which will hopefully show how much I loved the book!

The Book Bug said...

Yay, awards! Thank you thank thank you! I got Song Quest and I plan on reading it next week. It looks really good! I also got Burned- I really need to read the rest of them. You know there is the problem of lkack of time and lack of dedication and lack of monmey and lack of everything else...

Book ingrediants...twists and likeable sassy characters. My favourite books always end with a twist. It is a must have!

prophecygirl said...

I'm glad the Song Quest campaign is going well - I'd so read it if I had the time! Yay for Swapped, and I am so glad your students are loving Michelle Harrison's books!

And thanks for the lovely award mention. :D

Kay said...

Becky, you always have interesting things to read. I enjoy your blog! Have a good weekend!

Christina/Book Addict said...

Becky- Thank you so much for passing the award along to me. Yay! You're the best. I definitely pre-ordered Burned. It's so embarrassing, but I am definitely hooked on that series. We will have to chat once you get your copy. I probably won't start it until next week though. Regarding your question- my big thing when reading a book is the fact that I need to be able to connect with characters and really get into it. With that, the book is simply a dud for me. I've been experiencing that a lot lately. :(

Lauren said...

Aww Becky! Thank you for the *so* sweet award message. You're an awesome blog buddy and I am totally looking forward to meeting you and all the others at the London meet. Glad to hear The Thirteen Treasures has gone over so well in your library, it's a fantastic book.

Weirdly, I don't think I have many must-have book ingredients. I like so many different kinds of books and they don't seem to have anything specific in common. I definitely favour a happy ending though. Although I include bittersweet endings in that category. As long as there's *something* good at the end, that's fine by me.

Re: the Song Quest book trailer thing, yes you should do it! I don't know where to start either. If you haven't decided what to do by the time I've read it, hopefully I can be more helpful then.

And yay! for Luisa. You're so right. :)

Kris (Voracious YAppetite) said...

Yeah, I'm a romantic sap too and I prefer happy endings. But there are a few books I've read over the years that didn't end the way I wanted them to and even though that made me mad/sad/want to cry, in a way I respected them for that. I prefer character-driven novels but I'm always up for a roller-coaster ride of a plot full of action and thrills. I sometimes wish I could ask kids what they like in books but since I'm not a teacher or librarian they'd probably just think I was a weirdo. Oh well. At least I can stop by here and get the scoop from you. :-)

Caroline said...

Hey Becky!
I'm so happy I could cheer you up !! *Bear hugs*
Hopefully I won't be working on the 15th and come hang out with you cool bloggers ;-)

On the question regarding the books, I like to be surprised. Sometimes I get surprised by a character, sometimes by a style, or sometimes by the story itself. But in any case, I love reading something new and original.
On the end, as much as they are a bit annoying, I just *love* open endings where you don't know what happens next. It makes me think about the story more to figure out what could have happened and come up with different ideas.

Have a good Sunday !

Cat Clarke said...

I agree that the must-have ingredient for me is a convincing voice. A good voice can convince me to keep reading, even when the plot veers off-course.

I do like an open ending though. One where you're not quite sure what's going to happen next/what has just happened. Always good for discussing/arguing with friends!

Robby said...

For many reasons, I appreciate open endings. They can be hard to stomach at times, but they are the most rewarding. It leaves me thinking, though I've already finished the book and moved on to the next one.

I Want To Read That said...

Thanks Becky - for the link to my review and for recommending Song Quest in the first place. It's definately a book I wouldn't have read otherwise and I'm so glad I did. Going to have to get myself a copy now:) And thank you so much for the award (and message) - Big hugs back at ya!

I don't think I have a 'must have book ingredient' - or at least if I do I don't know what it is. I do like happy endings though. And romance. And hot Mexicano boys don't hurt:)

Rhiana said...

Thanks so much for passing the award on to me! Much appreciated. I so wish I could meet up with you all, but living so far up north I seem to miss out on everything fun :-( Hey, Maybe there should be a northern meet up...are there many Northern bloggers? I don't know lol.

Whitney said...

What a fun post Becky, it has so much going on! I really don't have a must have book ingredient, although I've never been one for happy endings I'm more into tragedies. Also, congrats on your award, I have another one for you!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Fun post with a bit of everything. I especially love the kiddie feedback ;)