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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Character Connection: Emily Thompson

Character Connection is a weekly meme hosted by Jen @ The Introverted Reader.

This is our chance to tell the world about a character that we love in whichever way we want. More information about this meme can be found on Jen's blog here.
The Book: Dreaming of Amelia
The Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
The character: Emily Melissa-Anne Thomspon.

This week sees me with a few firsts. This is the first time I've chosen a female character. This is the first time I'm spotlighting a character that I'm actually reading about. Yes, I haven't finished the book! But I feel so inspired by the way this book is written that I really wanted to write this post.

Emily is the most hilarious voice I have ever come across in YA. Every other line sees me laughing out loud. Jaclyn Moriarty has really captured the hyperbole of adolescence with this character. But in a way the reason I've chosen Emily is because of the format of the book. Emily's teacher gives them some bizarre assignments. One of which is keeping a blog about the journey home. Now I have an affinity with characters who blog so I kind of got it into my head that I need to do a blog post about my journey home just like Emily. So here it is:

My Journey Home on Monday
So as soon as I lock the library door, I'm thinking okay so this is my journey home. I'm going to blog about this. I dash through the playground and head to my car. I notice that there are very few cars today. I get in the car and shove my bag behind my seat. This is no different to any other day. Except that today my main thought is about FOOD because it is lunch time and I'm super hungry.

And off we go. Me and my little car. I head down to the T-junction and I filter straight onto the main road. Wow, I'm thinking that doesn't normally happen.
Straight ahead I see Winston Churchill as I do every day on the way home from work. I always wonder why a Winston Chucrhill statue is at the edge of that green space. But today is different. I do not think about why the statue is here. I am too busy observing that Winston has been royally pooped upon by some giantic bird. Poor Winston his head is covered in a white splatter. I briefly wonder if it is paint. There seems a lot of splatter for bird poop.

Up to the roundabout and now I'm thinking should I stop at the bakers on my way? There is always a huge dilemma about whether there will be anywhere to park. But my stomach is saying FEED ME and all I can think about is FOOD. As I drive past the bakers, I see a space up ahead and think aha! I must be meant to buy my lunch here.

I get out the car and go into the bakers. Exciting stuff. So I'm in the bakers and I'm looking at all the different sandwich fillings and in the end I decide on chicken and cucumber. I queue like all proper English girls and then I place my order. I choose white bread.
The man in front is discussing his requirements. He is disappointed that the bakery lady has no white crustry rolls left. He opts for two soft white and a crusty wholemeal. I'm riveted. He wants egg and tomato and that confuses the assistant further. He doesn't want mayo!
I pay for my sandwich and off I go. I can't remember how much it cost. I'm not even sure she told me. I just handed over a fiver and collected my change.

Back in the car and now I have the hell of getting back on to the road. Ah, it is clear. I move out. I realise I should have paid more attention to the front of the car as I nearly take out the young guy returning to his Jaguar. He lives. It is all okay.

So I carry on and this is when I notice that it is not only Winston Churchill that has been royally shat on because my poor little car has a huge dollop of bird poop complete with green bits in it on the passenger side of the windscreen. Ah, I feel I am suddenly connected with Winston Churchill.

On and on we go, me and my little car and past the speed camera and it is a 30 zone. My speedo says 31. I don't get flashed. I swear that yellow box is not set right.

Now I'm thinking about the fact that I'm going to write about my journey home and that I have spent far too much time thinking about that and not the road ahead. I think to myself I'm a terrible driver. Then I'm thinking about the fact that I'm obsessing about doing this blog post because Dreaming of Amelia is inspiring in a crazy way. Then I see the connection between myself and Emily. She obsesses over Riley and Amelia. I obsess over things too. Lately it has been Perfect Chemistry but my mum can list off things I've been obsessed with over my life. She describes this phase as when I have a "bee in my bonnet". Her favourite incident to tell people about is when I became obsessed with the idea of working at Haven Holidays. It always embarrasses me that story so I'm not going to tell it.

Whoops, I've lost concentration again. So this is why there are so many road accidents every year.

Me and the little car are still bobbing along. The speed changes depending on where we are. Right now we are in a 60 zone. I notice there are lots of other silver cars.
I notice that the road is so many different shades of grey and I think this is annoying because grey is the most boring colour. Then I think hmmm...I wear grey a lot.
Then I think that my journey home involves a lot of thinking and this is different to Emily's because she has Lydia and Cassie to talk to. All I have is my bag and my huge umbrella. I think at this point that if I were going to talk to an object on the way home an umbrella seems like the perfect one. I don't know why. I do not decide to talk to the umbrella.

So now we are just passing the petrol station. There are lots of potholes. I hate potholes. Sometimes on the journey home I muse about the origin of potholes and wonder if they are made by mini meteorites. But today I don't think about that because I'm thinking about how Dreaming of Amelia doesn't seem to really be about Riley and Amelia. I don't mind that. I like the book so far. It is kooky.

The road swirls one way, then the other. The same old, same old.

And now me and little car are in the village and I see a Robin Reliant coming the other way. I think yay! I can include that in my blog post. I try to decide what colour it is. It is blue but a strange shade. I don't know the name of that shade. I wish I did.

Now we pass the pub. I must be concentrating on driving for a change now as I don't remember thinking. Down at the bottom of the hill, I turn right. Nearly home. I'm thinking about FOOD again now because I really am hungry. I think my sister would say "You're always hungry" (because I usually am.)

At yet another roundabout I turn left. There really are hardly any cars today. I take a right. Follow the road round. I notice the strange sound that has been coming intermittently from my steering wheel. It is really starting to worry me. I told hubby about it but he says I imagine these noises. I do not! Okay, there was the one time. But this is different, the noise is happening more and more. Hmmm...

I pull into the garages. Back into the same space I was in this morning before I left. Handbrake up, ignition off. Grab my bag and out the car. Lock it. Walk to front door. Find keys. Open door. Step in. Kick door shut. Ah, I'm home.


Jennifer G. said...

Did you guys have The Animaniacs cartoon over there about 15 years ago? Because now you've got me thinking about them. There are these three pigeons that lived on a Martin Scorsese statue. They were called the GoodFeathers. And there was a GodPigeon. And it was all very mafia-esque. But I'm thinking about what that Scorsese statue's head must have looked like. Probably like your Churchill statue. And your poor car. There was this bird that discovered itself in my mom's car's side mirror. It would fight with itself in the mirror daily for a while. And apparently little bird fights involve lots of poop. And that's probably enough about poop. And now I know why my husband's eyes glaze over sometimes when he makes the mistake of asking me what I'm thinking about.

LOL! Great post! I'll be looking forward to your review of this book!

Luisa at Chicklish said...

Oh, lovely post! Emily is my favourite Ashbury High character too - she's so funny! And Becky, you're reading more and more of my favourite kinds of books... ;)

Becky said...

Jen - I have heard of the Animaniacs but I cannot remember the pigeons of which you speak. There was some serious poop on poor Winston's head. I think the review might get the review up some time next week.

Luisa - Isn't she just hilarious?! I simply adore her. She is hyperbole personified. I'm thinking I'm having a reader transition. I cannot get enough of these books right now. I'm liking this change.

The Book Bug said...

Fab post, I'm realy thinkin I should so one of these instead of searching for The Reckoning which seems to ahve dissapeared. I fgear one of the Darklings may ahve eaten it. :)

Anyway, about your trip home, from all of the anecdotes you have told me including you and a car I ahve a feeling that it would be quite amusing to observe. (You know, in like a non stalkerish way.)

Becky said...

Chloe - LOL I guess I am pretty entertaining when I'm driving. I get lost in my own thoughts which is highly dangerous and not something I'd recommend ;-)

Shweta said...

Ok , creative genius , if I ever decide to get a biography written you can be sure I am gonna ask you to pen it. (but that's when I become really really famous ,long time for that :) )

I am really thinking of participating in this meme from now on ..Awesome post!

Whitney said...

I love this post! It's so cute and witty. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts of the novel this entry was based on.

Becky said...

Shweta - I'm thinking you are too nice to my ego. My ego is pretty much in love with you LOL
Oh, I would so love you to participate in Character Connection and I know Jen would too.

Whitney - I'm glad you're keen to read the review. That makes me smile :-)

Zoë.Bestel said...

Brilliant Post - You should write a book. I love those type of books that are dairys and blogs. Especially when they are 'kooky' and very descriptive...It helps my 'book film' in my head capture every detail. I could imagine everything that was happening on your trip home. Absoluty Brilliant.
No honestly - You really should write a mini-story and get it published...Must be YA of course :P

Zoë xoxo

Becky said...

Awww... Zoe, you are far too nice but keep being so because isure makes me feel good! Thanks for stopping by!

Enbrethiliel said...


Your creative Character Connection post made me smile. =)

If Emily's voice is anything like your warm, gently humorous tone here, then I'd like to get to know her, too.

Sullivan McPig said...

Very nice post. Never heard of the book, but will check it out

I Want To Read That said...

I'm really loving these posts... if only I was as creative! Also it's good to know I'm not the only one that gets lost in my own thoughts when driving - I quite often arrive home with no recollection of getting there!