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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Character Connection: Alex Fuentes

Character Connection is a weekly meme hosted by Jen @ The Introverted Reader.
This is our chance to tell the world about a character that we love in whichever way we want.

The Book: Perfect Chemistry
The Author: Simone Elkeles
The character: The one and only Alejandro Fuentes

This post is a Fuentes love fest! Come on, you can't say you weren't expecting it.

Alejandro Fuentes

What's in a name? A character by any other name would make my heart race, make me stay up all night, make my head spin with his addictive words, make me forget that I am 27, married and with the perfect life.

Alex is one badass Mexicano. Hot blooded, bodily scarred, hiding an inner softness.
He oozes supreme confidence and knows he is one serious heart-throb.
Isa likens him to Danny Zuko in Grease. Hell, me and my sister grew up believing in "Summer Lovin". How could I not be obsessed with this contemporary bad boy?
Alex's body is all chiseled triceps and biceps and every other "ceps" [according to Brittany and see says this when she has a hangover so it must be true].

He punctuates his English with Spanish so that it rolls off the tongue and is enough to make me drool all over the keyboard. I just want to say his dialogue out aloud. Hear it whispered in my ear and become molten lava. Hot and uncontrollable!

Fuentes rides a motorcycle. Cue girls screaming! Seriously, is there any thing more atractivo? La pasión que inspira?

But above all, it is the need to save such a magnífico, apasionado, inteligente and generoso hombre from a life that is shaped by gang violence and self-destruction that makes him my true literary love. Who wouldn't want to be that girl?

Any one got any other reasons to be obsessed with one Alex Fuentes?
Let's hear them fellow Fan Girls or Guys!


Shweta said...

God! I knew this would happen! I am staging an intervention for you Becky !! Hand over the book now!:)

If you weren't drooling over this guy and going on and on about him and the book , I would still be perfectly happy with the book buying ban and sitting around quietly but now I get restless each time I see cover or hear it being mentioned. You are soo no good for my book buying bans !

YA Vampire Books said...

Ooooh Alejandro! I love him! Wish he was real ;)

prophecygirl said...

He is one of the hottest contemporary characters ever. Seriously - everything about him is just swoon-worthy. What I wouldn't give to see a PC film made!

Book Monster said...

I still haven't read this series, so I can't really fan girl over him :( But I'm heard so much about him, and if he is a bad boy...well I might just have sold my heart away :)

Becky said...

Shweta, you would have been proud of me last night. I didn't do a re-read. I watched Vampire Diaries because I had it recorded on Sky+. I

YA Vampire Books, are trying to tell me this obsession is a figment of my imagination? Hmmm...

Jenny, I agree. Perfect Chemistry would be magic on the big screen. Cue me waiting in Leicester Square to get a glimspe on the actor who gets to play him and screaming myself crazy.

Becky said...

Maura, Perfect Chemistry is a definite must read!

Rhiana said...

Fantastic! When I read Isa's Grease comment I was screaming YEEEEESSSSS! But PC is better, Grease with Grit and a hotter Zuco!

Jennifer G. said...

I think my computer screen has steamed up! Is that from you or from me reading your description? LOL! I haven't read this, but you have definitely caught my attention, to say the least!

brizmus said...

Heh, if you didn't convince me to read the book with your review, you've convinced me now. I wish it were available for my kindle. A contemporary Danny Zuko = HOT!
Now I want to go watch Grease!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

That was awesome. I loved reading that. And I loved the Spanish you popped in :D

Luisa at Chicklish said...

Aw, this is brilliant! (And I love Shweta's comment, too!)

I Want To Read That said...

Okay - cue the intervention! Step away from the book. Do not look at the book, think about the book and DO NOT READ the book. At least for a day anyway lol. Loved this - & got to say I completely agree - I just loved the way he held her hair when she was going to be sick on the beach - true love:)

Lauren said...

Shweta is absolutely right. You are officially obsessed, girl!! I can't say Alex is my type but I did love the way that he was exactly Brittany's type, unexpected though it initially may have seemed. I loved the echoes of Danny and Sandy from Grease too.

Becky said...

Rhiana - I love that you are totally in love with Alex too. This rocks!

Jennifer - LOL I accept all responsibility regarding steaming up the screen. Cold showers needed all round.

Audrey - Grease is seriously one of my all time favourite films. I have lost track of the number of times I've watched it.

Juju - Glad you liked my attempt at Spanish. I really tried :-)

Luisa - *big smiles* Glad you enjoyed it.

Sammee - Yes, who wouldn't love a guy who carried them after they puked on his shoes. Very good point. Hey, you are one brave girl to try to separate me from PC. Kudos!

Lauren - I think you have hit the nail on the head. I'm obsessed. I thank you kindly for noticing and yep Shweta knows where it is at.

All these comments have put a smile on my face. Love you all but Alex more (obviously) ;-)

Christina/Book Addict said...

WOW! I agree with Jennifer G. Very steamy.......but more importantly....your intervention....that's too funny. I am buying this book Saturday to support your obsession. I can't wait to be swept away..... Muy caliente! :)

Becky said...

Christina - Thanks for supporting my craziness. This is just more proof of your awesomeness. Come join the Alex swoon club! :-)

Dwayne said...

Dios mio, how can I not be crazy in love with this guy?

Okay that, apart from the Spanish bit, was a direct quote from Brittany :D I find the fact that despite the weight on his shoulders Alex really is still a boy. His voice was so manly - yet at points so vulnerably weak. Ah, I love him.

Rival alert Becky! :D

Michelle said...

Oh I know what you mean completely. Every time he called Brittney *mamacita* I totally melted...

Becky said...

Dwanye - I totally agree that it is the vunerability is the thing that transforms Alex from a scary ganster to a heart throb.

Michelle - *Mamacita* I think it is now my favourite word. *Sigh* This is not helping me get my reviews written.

Whitney said...

"Grease is the word" that got my attention, I've always had a thing for Danny Zuko. I need to read this book now!